Windells Session 6: Part IV SUPERPOST!

Windells Session 6: Part IV SUPERPOST!

After spending seven days at Windells, campers lull into sort of a relaxed routine. With a week of parent-less, fun filled days on and off the snow, Windells campers must start entertaining the idea of going home. Gone will be the days of riding, jumping, skating, jibbing, paintball, dodgeball, basketball, trampoline sessions, B.O.B., demo shed, sponsor nights, SPF 30, snack shack, video review, barbecues, wet boots, goggle tans, friendships forged, foam pits, pro coaches, perfect weather, a manicured lane and digger dogs. Taking only memories and some Windells branded gear, campers will go home with a renewed excitement for the coming season — along with a longing to travel back to Welches next summer.

The last two days on snow brought overcast skies to Welches and Windells, but up at Timberline, the campers were placed upon a snow-filled aerie, sitting high above the clouds. To further bolster the Windells experience, Sammy Carlson and Scott Rowley made an appearance on the lane to chat up the campers and put on a show. With the encouragement of newfound coaches breathing confidence every hit, the campers were charging hard. Staying late on the lane to get one more last hit or to perfect that new trick was on everyone’s mind, coming at the cost of getting shuffled down the mountain by the dedicated park crew at the end of the day.

As this session draws to an end, one camper stood out from the rest. Mike Mamalakis, a 16-year-old hailing from Bloomington, Minnesota charged super hard this session, yet stayed humble as accolades from campers, coaches and onlookers were shouted. From double backflips to corked 1260s to rail mastery, Mike exhibited unmatched skill on the hill. Freeskier managed to nab Mike for a couple of questions to get to know him a little better.

How did you get so good riding in Minnesota?

Well I ride at a mountain called Hyland Hills. I ditch racing practice to go ride park. It has got a nice little setup, a 45-ft. table, a dope up-flat-down box and a 50-ft. rail. It’s sweetness.

So racing, huh? Do the ladies think you look good in spandex?

You know it. It cups my big booty.

How did you hear about Windells?

Myself and some of my friends found Windells on the internet like two years ago. I’ve wanted to come but couldn’t until this session. I’m trying to convince my dad to let me stay another session.

What have you got going in the future?

I’ll probably go to college in a couple years, then skip a bunch of it to go skiing. Kind of like racing.

Who is your favorite pro?

I like Sammy because he has dope style. He is a rad dude and a nice guy for sure. And so you don’t have to ask, my favorite food is baclava because I am Greek.


A shout out and thanks to Tim Windell, Mark Sullivan and the whole staff at Windells and Mt. Hood.

A special thanks and huge shout out goes to Sean Harkins for everything he did to facilitate the Freeskier Session 6 at Windells.

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