Win a Trip to Whistler

Win a Trip to Whistler

As announced in our November issue

The Basics:
In our November issue, we laid out what we think are some of the finest skiing road trips in North America. But a road trip is a personal adventure — and there are as many good trips as there are skiers. So we want to hear about yours.

Wherever you end up going this winter, bring your camera and your computer and document the madness — or at least the legal portion of it. Keep the rest to yourself.

When you return, upload your stories, photos and/or videos to create a travelogue. Show us what happened, bring us along with you on your trip. Use whatever you have – photos, videos, writing. Upload it to the site, and if you have the best entry of the bunch, you’ll score a five-day trip to Whistler during the World Skiing Invitational this April!

We’re still hammering a few details with sponsors, so we’ll give you specifics as soon as everything is buttoned up.

— The FS Staff

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