Why I want to be the next Lange Girl

Why I want to be the next Lange Girl

Because I can actually ski unlike half the girls who entered so far! = ) Kidding, but serious, I would love to be the next Lange girl! Like anyone who has a passion for skiing I started out young. Growing up in Bountiful Utah I’ve been lucky to have nine different resorts all within a short driving distance. As a kid I learned to ski at Wolf Mountain, which is now known as the Canyons. Throughout my life my passion for skiing only continues to grow. I couldn’t wait till I turned 16 so I could drive up to the mountain any day of the week to shred. I love skiing and without it I don’t think I would ever survive through the winter. I have a real passion for skiing that never dies, it was and will always be the most fun thing in the world to me.

I attend the University of Utah where I am studying to major in business. It suits me well because I have a very competitive personality and whatever you put in front of me I will accomplish. I love a challenge and that’s exactly what skiing brings to the table. There is always something new, or a way to push myself to become better that never gets old. I love the feeling of butterflies I get in my stomach when I try a new trick or a difficult line, but I don’t let that stop me from sending it. Whether is down in the park or on the back side of a mountain skiing is all that I need. Getting to ski with all my friends constantly is the best. There’s nothing better than being with a bunch of people who all share the same passion as you. I ski with the boys and wouldn’t have it any other way, they are the most entertaining 😉 I am a very social and outgoing person and love to meet new people.

After traveling to Vegas’ final SIA convention last year it really opened my eyes. It was so awesome to see how stoked every company, whether new or old was to be there. It was such a contagious atmosphere, and I loved the feeling of being in the middle of everything. The ski industry has come so far and it was awesome to see the progression of winter sports as a whole. I would be honored to represent one of the originals in the business. I know I have what it takes to be the next Lange girl. I’m a true skier that knows how to ride, yet I know how to be a true girl off the hill. Getting the boys attention on and off the hill has always been fun. I know how to ride and have the best time doing it. With my social and outgoing personality I would hope to be that girl which other girls could look up to and respect. I love skiing with all my heart and if you pick me I promise you won’t be sorry! See you on the hill!

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