A Whole Lotta BS: Woodward at Copper

A Whole Lotta BS: Woodward at Copper

If you haven’t experienced Woodward at Copper, I highly recommend that you check it out. This place features trampolines, foam pits, Skatelite mini ramps, a large bowl, a spacious spring floor and a Snowflex terrain park complete with a rail section, quarter pipes, a cliff drop and three different sized jumps into a deep pit of foam. It’s a revolutionary complex for skiers and snowboarders to utilize year round. It also offers some of the finest coaching from pro skiers and riders! Woodward at Copper runs week-long summer camp sessions starting June 13th until July 22nd. We were lucky enough to meet up with head coach Jon Reedy, to see why he has the greatest job ever.

There’s no hay in this barn.

This past weekend Simon Dumont, Peter Olenick, Meg Olenick, Colby West, Michael Clarke, Henrik Lampert, Luke Van Valin, John Symms, Willis Brown and friends all showed up to the Woodward barn with one intention… to get ignant’. Simon destroyed both the spring floor and the trampolines doing every imaginable series of tricks; he proved he had clearly not lost his gymnastic abilities.

Peter perfected his backflip pikes and eventually learned backflips on the spring floor. Henrik learned some double flips into the foam pits while Meg was perfecting corked 7’s. Willis found entertainment upstairs while skating around on the mini ramps. Symms also had a skateboarding highlight outside of the complex where he did a frontside 180 over a pair of gym shorts.

Henrik works on his doubles with the aide of the foam pits.

The trampolines are set up in three rows of two, which allows you to transfer from one trampoline onto the other. Some of the trampolines have access into a foam pit; it’s an ideal trick-busting setup with a decreased risk of injury.

Everything was going smoothly until Simon created a game on the trampolines. The goal was to transfer from one trampoline to the next then into the foam pit in only three bounces. Peter was the first to go and quickly ended up on his face.

Pete Olenick takes a bounce to his face.

Empire’s Jake Largess mimicked his actions and also tripped into a twisted mess. After some trial and error everyone seemed to get the hang on the transfer game, except me because I have a 6-inch vertical leap. We were all blown away by the complex and plan to visit Woodward several times throughout the summer.

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