A Whole Lotta BS: An Intern Getaway

A Whole Lotta BS: An Intern Getaway

I’m back!!! Sorry for anyone who has missed the “A Whole Lotta BS” column, but I was on a spectacular vacation to the British Virgin Islands. We went to the island of Virgin Gorda, which got its name from Christopher Columbus. He stated that the island resembles a fat virgin when looked at horizontally. It is a beautiful place with some of the nicest people in the world. I was joined with my girlfriend, Frances, and my brother’s girlfriend, Rebecca. We stayed in an enchanted resort known as Little Dix Bay (laugh it up). It just so happens that the Schroy boys fit in well there.
The week consisted of a whole lot of nothing. We would eat too much, rest on the beach, and play tennis. There was the occasional scuba diving trip, but that was the most action I saw. Unfortunately I developed a horrible toothache on the trip. This put a minor damper on my island getaway.
Once a year the island, Tortola, has a carnival. All the best dentists reside on Tortola, but they were all off duty for the festivities. The pain was so bad that we hired a charter from Virgin Gorda to St. John’s, in the US Virgin Islands, to possibly perform an emergency root canal. The afternoon before leaving one of the locals told me about his secret to tooth pains, a thing they call Tequila. It was strictly used for medical purposes, but it worked so well that I was able to cancel my charter to St. John’s and continue enjoying paradise.
Now I am back to the real world, getting ready to shed the ten pounds the island gave me. I will have a big story coming up in the next couple days!

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