A Whole Lotta BS: Colby’s Street Bike Named…Vicky

A Whole Lotta BS: Colby’s Street Bike Named…Vicky

A Whole Lotta BS is intern Brian Schroy’s weekly column. Check back weekly for the grittiest gossip the industry has to offer, as seen through the eyes of Brian.

If anyone is looking for Colby West, his or her best bet is to sit aside any Colorado Freeway and wait. Colby recently purchased a 2005 Honda CBR 600RR motorcycle and has not stopped riding it since. He will come to any location far and wide as long as he can ride his bike there. He has never owned a motorcycle, but is becoming exponentially better at riding it each day.

Colby wanted to test his skills by challenging a Subaru WRX to a street race. Colby’s bike was clearly the faster vehicle, but who was the more experienced rider? Willis Brown decided to give the racers a proper start by dropping a dirty old Gatorade bottle. At the count of three the bottle was dropped and the race had begun. Well, at least for the Suburu. Colby stalled his bike and lost the race. They decided to have a rematch where Colby gracefully got his motorcycle into first gear. The Suburu lost the race and potentially its clutch, which we could smell burning from the other end of the road. Please keep in mind that Freeskier Magazine does not condone illegal street racing, and wants to remind you to always buckle up or wear a helmet.

Colby West Motorcycle Tour from Mike Thomas on Vimeo.

I called Colby earlier today to see where he was and what his plans were for this summer. Unfortunately I called him from the East Coast and potentially cut his sleep short by a couple hours.

Freeskier: Where are you now at the moment?

Colby: I am actually in Vernon, BC Canada

Freeskier: What brings you to Vernon?

Colby: It is my friend Fergie’s birthday. I am with Fergie, Petey Olenick, Bibby, Margetts, TJ and his family.

Freeskier: Did you ride your motorcycle up there?

Colby: No I didn’t. I am really depressed. Every time I see a bike I get sad and want to go home and ride. I miss it, I mean her. I have named her Victoria because Victoria is classy, but I can also call her Vicky for short. Vicky is like a porn star name so she is slutty and classy at the same time.

Colby, about to go very fast.

Freeskier: What is your plan this summer? Are you coaching anywhere?

Colby: I am going to coach in Momentum in Whistler and might bring my bike to ride it. It would be lots of fun, but it’s built for speed not for comfort.

Freeskier: Have you ever considered ski racks for Victoria?

Colby: No way man, but it would be fun to put some studded tires on for the winter. I can’t imagine going a whole season without riding it.

Our interview was cut short because the boys were about to do some cliff jumping. However, Colby will be returning to Colorado on Tuesday until he has to depart for Whistler Blackcomb. He is looking forward to warm weather, good skiing, and great nightlife. Colby says that the best part about his summer job is that he is getting paid to be on vacation. He is also excited to meet all the new campers.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your Memorial Day and the days to follow.

Balance, Colby’s got it.

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