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Welcome to the backcountry: How BCA is empowering skiers in a new environment

Featured Image | SKIER: Tanner Rainville, PHOTO: Jeff Cricco

With increased resort traffic and rising lift ticket costs, backcountry skiing has been growing steadily for years. In fact, it makes up the only snow sports category in which participation has consistently increased for a decade. But those who have been in the sport for a long time know that when it comes to backcountry gear and education, Backcountry Access (BCA) sets the bar. The video featured here shows BCA gear being used in style by BCA athletes Tanner Rainville, Colter Hinchliffe, Ray McDermott, and sledhead Will Mook.

BCA has always been about high-performance backcountry gear, from developing the world’s first digital transceiver to popularizing avalanche airbags and hands-free two-way radios. But, says BCA Founder Bruce Edgerly, “Products are only part of the equation. Our goal is to save lives. That’s why we back up all our products with consumer education, including clinics, videos, beacon training parks and partnerships with major education providers like Know Before You Go, AIARE, American Avalanche Institute and IFSA.”

BCA continues to evolve its product line with a focus on simplicity and prevention, good communication, and expanded education programs. “We love ‘sending’ big lines like everyone else, but none of those count unless you return intact,” says Edgerly. BCA’s team of athletes and ambassadors represent this high level of commitment to backcountry safety, as do BCA’s consistent roll-out of backcountry education, like its Backcountry Basics Educational Videos. Check out its ’25 Years Deep’ video showing how BCA has evolved over the years to promote good decision making and a #sendandreturn mentality to riding in the backcountry. And this season, BCA is partnering with Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Avalanche 1 to offer free virtual avalanche clinics hosted by BCA sled ambassador Mike Duffy.

BCA got its start long before many of its customers were born. In 1994, its Alpine Trekker ski touring adaptors enabled people to ski hard in the backcountry without having to telemark ski. In 1997, BCA invented the digital avalanche transceiver, which landed the company firmly on the map. The company remains the No. 1 avalanche-transceiver company in North America, thanks to its best-selling Tracker transceivers, including the brand-new Tracker4, regarded as the easiest-to-use beacon in the industry.

That no-barriers access remains consistent with Backcountry Access’ ethos. This season’s influx of beginner backcountry skiers and snowboarders can benefit from the company’s products that make backcountry skiing approachable, affordable and safer, like easy-to-use avalanche airbags, two-way radios specifically designed for winter recreation and stripped-down, intuitive avalanche transceivers that streamline the search process.


Buy Now — $389.95

The brand-new Tracker4 features a bigger, brighter LED display (that works even in bitterly cold temps), a durable rubberized case, ultra-fast, real-time processing and no-nonsense multiple burial searching to make it the easiest-to-use beacon in the industry. A new industry standard for design, the Tracker4 delivers durability that’s practically indestructible and ease-of-use for those moments when every second counts. “It’s not that different from other BCA transceivers,” says Edgerly. “That’s the beauty of it. We’ve taken all the best aspects of Tracker2™ and combined them with Tracker3 to make Tracker4 our new ‘workhorse’ beacon.”

BC Link 2.0

Buy Now — $189.95

Radios aren’t just for pros, they make backcountry skiing safer and more fun for anyone seeking the best conditions. Find friends who are off track, change plans, share observations and alert your crew that the best snow is skier’s left. The BC Link Two-Way 2.0 next-generation radio includes Smart Mic grill that deflects snow, 2 Watts of power for increased range (with a new battery percentage power display), six pre-set channels (with an on/off selection dial switch (that can’t be accidently bumped), and seamless integration with all Float avalanche airbags and Stash backpacks. Basically, more power, more durability and more conditions resistant.

BCA Float 22

Buy Now — $534.95

The BCA Float 22 avalanche airbag 2.0 helps you stay afloat in case of an avalanche while protecting your head and neck from trauma, without weighing you down. BCA’s lightest and most affordable airbag backpack includes all the features you want, including a hydration sleeve, dual-zippered shoulder straps, BC Link Radio integration and molded back panel. Easily fit your avalanche tools, water, food and a layer in this tight, 22-liter package that won’t hinder your shredding—whether that’s on skis, snowboard or snowmobile. BCA’s 200 authorized refill locations around the world make it the easiest refillable airbag system on the market.

Scepter Poles

Buy Now — $69.95

BCA Scepter poles have a well-earned reputation for simplicity and dependability. You’ll never be that person jamming up the skin track with the Scepter’s Scraper Grip—that makes scraping ice and snow from skins and top sheets a breeze—and BCA’s Concave Hex Basket that allows you to flip heel risers and boot levers like a pro. Also, the Scepter’s straps release in case of snagging or an avalanche and the shaft grip makes it easy to choke your grip up for side-hill skinning.

Climbing Skins

Buy Now — $199.95-$219.95

Let’s face it, nearly every skier has left skins, glue-to-glue, to dry or store. But, afterward, the skins can be next-to-impossible to pry apart. Enter Contour Hybrid glue: The two-layer system bonds to the skin fabric instead of your ski base (or your gloves during transitions). BCA’s 65% mohair/35% nylon climbing skins with this Contour Hybrid construction require minimal effort to pull apart and remove from the ski, and provide good grip and good glide in a variety of conditions. Also, BCA skins don’t require re-gluing—just wipe down the adhesive layer with a damp towel to restore their tackiness. BCA skins include a flush metal top loop, adjustable tail hooks and easy-to-use offset trim tool to fit ’em perfectly to your sidecut.

Through its heritage of education and streamlined, user-friendly products that work when you need them most, Backcountry Access has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in backcountry equipment. For 25 years, BCA has been making backcountry travel safer and more accessible. With backcountry equipment selling out quicker than ever before, order your safety gear directly from BCA (https://www.backcountryaccess.com) before it’s sold out. 

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