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Sam Favret’s FLOW tells the story of how a big-mountain ski movie is made

Last season, COVID-19 dealt its own unique set of challenges for skiers all over the world. Despite social distancing and mask mandates, North America’s season was much closer to ‘normal’ than in Europe. While we were able to ride chairlifts and enjoy a few aprés beers in the parking lot, ski areas in France and Italy never opened to the public—which made it even more challenging for European skiers to develop projects. Nevertheless, Sam Favret, with his team, set out to create a documentary-style ski movie that not only highlight’s Favret’s distinguished ski style but also the unique process of creating this particular project. Directed by Maxime Moulin and shot on an FPV racing drone piloted by Hensli Sage, FLOW is a 15-minute film that takes a closer look at the creation process when every line has to be accessed by foot—and every shot has to count.

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