Warren Miller Speaks Out

Warren Miller Speaks Out

On Setpember 25, Warren Miller, the person, and his personal company, Warren Miller Company, put himself in the mix as a “third party intervenor” in Warren Miller Entertainment’s lawsuit against Level 1 Productions. Filing to be a third party intervenor means that Warren Miller has aligned himself and his company with Level 1 to help them fight the case, while also ensuring that Warren Miller’s interests are protected in the case.

Photo Courtesy: facebook.com/warrenmiller

The full story can be read by clicking here.

Warren Miller told Freeskier today why he is getting involved in the lawsuit:

Warren Miller

“I consider Josh my friend and I have been very impressed with his efforts as a film maker, and more so as a human being. He is a very nice young man, and I was honored to oblige his request to participate in Refresh. I have been invigorated by working with his group, whose passion for skiing matches my own.

WME made clear to me long ago that they did not want me involved in their films – so I’ve essentially cut all of my ties to them. I have a legal and moral right to freely use my name, voice, and likeness as I choose. By suing Josh, I feel that WME is challenging my rights as a person and public figure. I will not stand by and let a young, talented artist like Josh get shoved around by a group that, in my opinion, has no genuine regard for the fans.”

Josh Berman then offered this comment:

Josh Berman

“Since the lawsuit was filed, the support from every level of the ski industry has been overwhelming. Skiing as a whole is a global but tight-knit community, and it’s sincerely flattering to see so many people rallying behind our cause. To have Warren personally file a motion to intervene is a tremendous vote of confidence — it means a lot to me personally to have his support.”


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