Vote me for Local LANGE GIRL! my thoughts…

Vote me for Local LANGE GIRL! my thoughts…

Hi Ladies and Gents!
Seeing as I am in the Local Lange Girl contest, I keep an eye on my vote’s everyday and the ladies that I am up against. After days and days of checking out the new gals in this contest, I felt compelled to write a post for all you Freeskier fans out there and followers of the Local Lange Girl contest. There are quite a few beautiful women in this contest, but I am wondering why these women feel they need to take of their shirts to be sexy? Don’t get me wrong…Some of the pictures are sexy! But, isn’t the Local Lange Girl contest about chicks who can rip it on the hill, have a passion for the sport, a girl representing that can hold her own? Don’t we want a Lange Girl who we can bring home to Mom? A Lange Girl should have brains, be an athlete, ski anywhere with anyone, and yes of course…look pretty damn good at all times, and if she wins the poster in Freeskier, she will not disappoint! A Lange Girl should be full of class and be cream of the crop! As the days dwindle and the contest comes to a close, I hope that all of you keep voting for me because I would make you proud as your next Local Lange Girl. I’d represent like no other!
I’m going to be uploading some new photos for you guys as well! My friend is a photographer and we had some fun taking some pictures and I will be sharing them with you soon!
Here is my link to vote!!


Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!


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