Vote Me In As 2008 Lange Girl

Vote Me In As 2008 Lange Girl

Hi, my name is Michelle. I would like to tell you a little about myself, and why I am the best candidate for the title of 2008 Lange Poster Girl. I am a fun loving, energetic outdoor girl who always enjoys life, especially by skiing. What better personality than that to represent Lange around the country?
I really didn’t do a lot of skiing until about three years ago. At that time, my husband showed me how great skiing really is. On the other hand, I have always really enjoyed traveling. The two fit together great as we spend a lot of time looking for snow year round and will travel anywhere just so we can go skiing. As such, I would be a perfect Lange Girl by simply taking my traveling for skiing to the next level.
Backcountry skiing is a great challenge as there are few areas that keep snow year round. One place we travel just to find snow is in Glacier National Park, and typically includes a two-mile or longer hike just to reach the snow. In similar fashion, I consider becoming the next Lange Girl a challenge, as I am very conservative and have a difficult time showing my wild side. My friends and family tell me I would be a perfect poster girl as I have a hot body and I shouldn’t be scared to show it off. I am ready to break out of my shell and show different parts of my personality – among other things. 😉
A final reason I should be the next Lange Girl is I am very competitive and this is a competition that I want to win. I would put the same drive and effort that I exert for winning into representing and showing off Lange as a world-renowned brand.
Thanks for taking your time to consider me as your next Lange Girl.

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