Unite through adventure with Heli, the one-stop heli-skiing booking platform

Unite through adventure with Heli, the one-stop heli-skiing booking platform

For every skier, the experience of floating through bottomless, untracked snow is a fleeting nirvana. Like a surfer catching a wave, when a skier carves confident turns through an untouched field of snow it creates an electric feeling within—one that lingers long after the snow has melted, season after season.

There are many ways to find those perfect conditions we all crave: hike-accessed backcountry skiing, calling in “sick” on a powder day to lap the local resort, braaaaping into the wilderness on a snowmobile… but nothing quite compares to the experience of heli-skiing. Hopping into a chartered helicopter with professional guides and private access to otherwise unreachable terrain, heli-skiers receive the ultimate prize.

But how do you make this trip—the heli-skiing excursion you’ve fantasized about—turn into reality? Where do you begin searching for the right location, lodging, amenities and price point for you and your crew? Booking a trip of this magnitude means every detail matters, so why leave things up to chance?

Enter Heli: the online marketplace that allows you to search for and book heli-skiing trips (and much more) in one place. Founded in 2015 by lifelong skiers, the idea behind Heli is simple—make it easier to discover and reserve heli-, cat- and backcountry guided skiing experiences to destinations around the world.

To begin the booking process with Heli, simply provide the details of your trip, the dates you’re looking to ski and, if you already know where you want to go, a destination where you’d like to leave your mark on untouched snow. From here, Heli takes the wheel and will provide you with custom packages, exclusive offers and availability information from 64 of world’s top heli-skiing outfitters, including Silvertip, CMH, Kingfisher, Alaska Rendezvous, Whistler Heli Skiing and many more.

Planning a trip with Heli comes with its fair share of benefits, but the most important advantage is the time it will save you sifting through the vast internet for information. Heli’s platform provides the data you’ll need to make an informed decision on which heli-skiing experience is the best for you and your group, all in one place.

Other notable perks of using Heli include opportunities to ski with professional photographers and athletes, special deals for large groups, gear hookups and responsive, helpful customer service. Group organizers are also rewarded for their hard work with additional discounts and the chance at getting free seats—yeah, you heard that right—free seats in the helicopter.

With $1M in bookings in the past 18 months and an online community that grows everyday, it’s clear that skiers don’t just want Heli, they need Heli. Started by a group of die-hard skiers aiming to make the heli-skiing experience more about the turn-taking than the booking process, Heli offers a one-of-a-kind service that the ski industry has evidently been craving.

Book your next trip with Heli and join the echelon of athletes who’ve found nirvana after being escorted to the top of a mountain in a helicopter, only to ski back down totally consumed by bottomless powder snow. Click here to make those dreams come true.

[Photography by Alain Sleigher]

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