Ullr Party November 15

Ullr Party November 15

Whistler’s annual Pre-season Ullr Party is back. Make your sacrifice to Ullr, the Norse god of Snow, November 15th from 6-9:30pm. Location: Skiers’ Plaza in Whistler Village.

Who is Ullr?

Ullr may just about be the most important person of the season…he is the Nordic God of Snow! The stepson of Thor, god of thunder, and the son of Sif, goddess of fertility, Ullr is renowned both for his strength and his abundant sexuality. Ullr, meaning glory, loves the cold and delights in traveling over the country on his skis.

He is so well skilled in the use of the bow and could go so fast on his skis that in these arts no one could best him. Every winter he descends from his hall Ydalir in the North Country, to show off his skill on skis. It has been said that Ullr is such a great skier that he would streak across the sky leaving the brilliant stars as his trail.

Though very skilled, Ullr guarded his knowledge closely and refused to teach his fellow gods the art of making snow and how to ski. Like most gods, he only does what he is asked when appropriate amounts of homage have been given to him. Mountain folks praise the great god in the month preceding the ski season. The spirit of Ullr is resurrected by sacrificing skis and snowboards to a great bonfire. The mountain dwellers circle the fire dancing and chanting Ullr’s name in the hope that he will deem our sacrifices worthy enough to cover the valley with snow and bring a long powder season!

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