Trick Tip Tuesday: Simon Dumont

Trick Tip Tuesday: Simon Dumont

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As seen in the February 2010 Issue of Freeskier Magazine

Welcome to the second installment of Trick Tip Tuesdays. Here we'll revisit our vast archive of trick tips from the past, to get you in fighting shape for summer camp. In this trick tip, Simon Dumont explains how to execute a picture perfect K-Fed (frontside switch up to uphill 270 out). While The Dumont can do them on broken, urban, wooden rails, you might want to start things off on a box in the glacier's public park. 

Step 1:
You need to know how to slide a rail with either foot forward and do uphill (aka backside) 270s.
Step 2:
Approach the rail as if you're approaching any other rail. You'll be balanced and squared up to the rail as you ollie on.
As you start to slide, the first thing you'll think about is the front switch-up. You can do it earlier on the rail so you have more time to think about the 270 off; or later, so it's almost like doing a 450 off with a rail tap.
Step 3:
To help with the switch up, you can scissor your skis a little. It helps you push off the rail, but the less you can do it, the more it'll add to your street cred. If you're right foot forward, lift up your right ski a little and push off and ollie.
Step 4:
Once you've ollied, the main thing is to turn your shoulders 180 degrees. Wherever your shoulders go, your legs will follow. So just make sure to ollie hard and turn the shoulders to initiate the switch-up.
Step 5:
Now you'l be riding left foot forward, since there is no such thing as unnatural on rails anymore. Now you'll want to quickly spot the end of the rail, then keep your shoulders going to get that 270 around.
Step 6:
With the momentum from your switch-up and keeping your shoulders and head looking around to your right, the backside 270 should be no problem.
Step 7:
Try to keep your arms down and maybe lean back a little to wheelie out of the trick for your friends. Now you can do K-Feds all the time.


 l: Åre, Sweden :: p: Nate Abbott


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