Trick Tip Tuesday: Jossi Wells

Trick Tip Tuesday: Jossi Wells

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As seen in the December 2009 Issue of Freeskier Magazine

Welcome to the first installment of Trick Tip Tuesdays. Here we'll revisit our vast archive of trick tips from the past, to get you in fighting shape for summer camp. In this trick tip, Jossi Wells explains how to execute the fine art of nose butter 540. While it won't help you win the X Games, it will earn you some accolades around the glacier.

Step 1:
Find a nice roller for this trick. The knuckle of a jump is usually perfect. And remember, you are going to want to take a little more speed than seems necessary because you'll be scrubbing speed as you butter.
Step 2:
Approach the roller with your body squared up. As you get about six feet away, you're going to set your body rotation for about 270. As you set your rotation take all the weight off your heels and lean forward on your tips.
Step 3:
By leaning forward, you are releasing the pressure from the tails of you skis so you can pivot around on your tips.
Step 4:
Just before you come around to 180 on your tips, think about setting the switch 360 part.
Step 5:
When you come around to 180, put as much of your weight on your tips as possible and pull your heels up to your butt. This will create the pop you need to get off the snow and set the switch 360 rotation.
Step 6:
Once you pop off the snow, spin around the switch 360. All you have to do now is wait for the landing.
Step 7:
Put your feet down and land like a pimp. Don't afterbang, but instead try land like you never left the snow.


l: Sunday River, Maine :: p: Shay Williams


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