Trailer Time ’23: FREESKIER’s Ultimate Guide to Ski Movie Teasers

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Trailer Time ’23: FREESKIER’s Ultimate Guide to Ski Movie Teasers

Featured Image: Photographer Emily Tidwell captures skier Janelle Yip while filming in Japan for Matchstick Productions 2023 film, ‘The Land of Giants’

It’s a delightful September evening. There’s a chill in the air as you step outside and… what’s this? A yellow leaf nose dives to the ground. You’re stunned, shaking in your custom baby seal leather boots. “Does that mean what I think it means?” you ask as a smile creeps across your face. Yes, anxiously excited skier, it does. It means that it is officially ski movie trailer season. Which, as everyone knows, is the precursor to ski movie season, which is the precursor to ski season. The real deal. The whole tamale. The Great Bambino. To break down that math for you and put it in simple terms, it’s almost ski season. Get hyped!

The barrage of trailers that emerge this time of year can be tough to keep track of. With so many good ski films coming out, we’ve compiled some of our favorite teasers so you can find them all in one place. There’s sure to be some that we missed, so keep your eyes peeled, but this is a good place to start if you’re looking for what to expect on the big screen this fall. The official 2023 FREESKIER guide to ski movie teasers (in no particular order) lies before you.

Jonah Williams and Gavin Rudy combine to bring their usual charm and artistic wit from Japan to the Eastern Sierras. With special guests, catch it on the Level 1 Freeski Film Tour.
A necessary film that handles a difficult subject with the utmost grace, ‘Mountain in My Mind 2’ aims to destigmatize talking about mental health and suicide in the ski industry.
Bozeman-based group Milk Box Girls coming at you with a cinematic wonder. See Addison Rafford, Josie Petersen and Ella Meade in ‘Con Artist’ on the Level 1 Freeski Film Tour.
In this line of work, it’s all about timing. Safe to say the Blank Collective crew had some stellar timing this year. Huge lines, deep snow, and great friendships, this is what it’s all about!
The inaugural team film from HEAD, ‘Unified’ is a testament to the life long friendships skiing can bring into your life. Combine that story line with an insane roster and you’ve got a hell of a movie.
The Blondes (Emily Childs, Tonje Kvivik, & Janelle Yip) have teamed up with CK9 Studios for what looks like a masterclass in pow skiing, freeride, and cinematography.
Meet the third installment from epic duo Jake Mageau and Brady Perron. The cinematography is as brilliant and creative as the skiing. Watch ‘Wind for Whistles’ on the Level 1 Freeski Film Tour.
This comedic and heartfelt film is one we won’t soon forget. With Jackie Paaso and Elyse Saugstad taking center stage, these freeride stars / new mothers must compete for a single sponsorship spot.
Directed by Arttu Heikkinen, staring Kuura Koivisto? Yeah, ‘Dream’ is gonna be a heart! Keep this one high on your list.
‘Day 1’ was released two years ago and showed the first day of filming for Trevor’s documentary, ‘Full Circle.’ In the film releasing this Fall, Trevor Kennison, along with Jackson Hole legend Barry Corbet, display a story of “perseverance, positivity, and hope.”
The fourth feature film from Faction (try saying that five times fast), ‘Abstract’ is all about creativity in skiing. One of the most stacked lineups of skiers you’ll ever see.
‘Terra Incognita’ follows freeride legend Craig Murray as he hunts for first descents in remote parts of New Zealand using any means necessary… including horseback. Finlay Woods is behind the lens. An awesome exploration in filming and skiing.
Entourage’s third film is bringing the heat this fall. Streets, freeride, a mishmash of everything in the best way. Small town crew, big dawg ambitions. Fire me up!
Five dynamic skiers team up to rip across North America. Mama mia, that’s a perfect combination of flavors. Find it on the Level 1 Freeski Film Tour.
Matchstick Productions is shifting the focus to the mountains, specifically the biggest mountain ranges on Earth. With an unreal lineup of skiers and locations, this one is sure to be a hit.
More MAGMA? Yes, please! We’ll take a third helping of the Alex, Owen, Hunter triumvirate any day.
You son of a bitch, I’m in. Crazy Karl got the crew back together for this one. Brap Ski 3 is a fast-moving, high-energy thrill ride.
Good Company is gettting LOUD with ‘Crescendo’, dropping on computers everywhere October 17. Featuring Colby Stevenson, Tom Wallisch and Maggie Voisin, with many other appearances from some of the best in the game.

Below are a few films that have yet to drop trailers online but should absolutely be on your list this Fall.

‘Plug and Play’ – Deviate Films

‘Advice for Girls’ – The Road West Traveled

Sam Kuch & CK9 Studios

Brushino‘ – Henrik Harlaut & Noah Albaladejo

What’s For Breakfast?‘ – Suéde

Why Not?‘ – Child Labor

Lucas Wachs project

Chris Logan project