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[TRAILER] B-Dog’s ‘The Lost Crystal’

Phil Casabon has made a name for himself in the industry by taking a completely unique approach to skiing. His unwavering commitment to progression, both in athleticism as well as creativity, has earned him back-to-back X Games Real Ski gold medals as well as an edgeless pro-model plank with Armada—the B-dog. Ever since the B-dog artwork was first drawn up back in 2019, Casabon has dreamt of creating a full-blown cartoon based on the character. It wasn’t until an injury and a year-long recovery put the human B-dog on the sidelines and gave the pro skier enough time to actually bring the cartoon idea to life.

Casabon will be the first to admit how much he underestimated the time, effort and skills it takes to create an animated cartoon. While the trailer is all that is ready as of right now, the pro skier plans to create three 10-minute episodes that follow the main character, B-dog, as he becomes the Snow Samurai of the wintry planet Yabah and battles Ski Lord Zukaro to strike down the forthcoming global drought. Acting as a pilot episode, the public’s response to ‘The Lost Crystal’ trailer will determine the future of the cartoon. If you want to see the full thing come to life, be sure to give the trailer some love and donate here if you have the means to help make it happen.

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