Top 10 Men’s Park Skis 2010/2011

Top 10 Men’s Park Skis 2010/2011


#1 Salomon- Suspect

Editor's Pick The Salomon Suspect continues to blanket the competition landscape, garnering a number of podium finishes. If it’s good enough for the likes of Bobby Brown and Sammy Carlson, Salomon must have struck a chord. More info
Playfulness: 4.4 Stability: 4.9 Swing Weight: 4.8 Carving: 5 OVERALL: 19.1

#2 Volkl- Ledge

The Ledge is a slightly smaller, slightly less aggressive little brother to the the Volkl Wall. Meant for exploring the park, the generous (and symmetrical!) sidecut coupled with the smaller size make it a "more playful offering to the Wall. Ideal for entry level park skiers with an appetite for progression," expounds one tester. More info
Playfulness: 4.8 Stability: 4.8 Swing Weight: 5 Carving: 4.5 OVERALL: 19.1

#3 Volkl- Wall

There is no secret why the Volkl Wall has gone three-for-three as an Editor's Pick in our Buyer's Guides. Volkl has imbued the serious park stick with a fully symmetrical sidecut, protective and resilient construction sheath known as Toughbox Construction and a light Sensorwood core, making the Wall "snappy, stable, light, yet still very playful," according to one tester. More info
Playfulness: 4.5 Stability: 5 Swing Weight: 5 Carving: 4.5 OVERALL: 19

#4 Atomic- Punx

Atomic has gone with a no-nonsense, straightforward park ski in the Punx. Featuring normal camber, full wood core, a stiff flex and a slanted sidewall construction, the Punx are “very strong, predictable and stable. More info
Playfulness: 4.3 Stability: 4.7 Swing Weight: 4.7 Carving: 4.7 OVERALL: 18.4

#5 Salomon- Twenty-Twelve

The twin tipped, rockered, all-around badass Twenty Twelve is brand new to the Salomon lineup this year. The freeskiing stick has a soft, buttery flex pattern yet the full wood core keeps the skis “snappy and responsive,” according to one tester. More info
Playfulness: 4.8 Stability: 4.3 Swing Weight: 4.6 Carving: 4.4 OVERALL: 18.1

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