Top 10 Men’s Park Skis 2010 Continued

Top 10 Men’s Park Skis 2010 Continued


#6 Armada- AR7

Editor's Pick Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the AR7 has arisen from the phenomenon that was the AR6. By widening the AR6’s waist and adding the AR50 sidewall (a blend of cap and sidewall construction) the AR7 gains improved stability and tracking while reducing the swing weight. More info
Playfulness: 4.2 Stability: 4.7 Swing Weight: 4.7 Carving: 4.5 OVERALL: 18.1

#7 Rossignol- S4 Jib

Editor's Pick Five X Games medals in 2010 can’t be wrong. The French duo of Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni depend on Rossignol’s storied career as a top ski manufacturer to deliver top performance, and the S4 does just that in the park and pipe arena. More info
Playfulness: 4 Stability: 4.7 Swing Weight: 6 Carving: 4.7 OVERALL: 18

#8 Armada- Halo

Editor's Pick Armada pioneered the rockered park ski with the Alpha series, and the Halo continues that proud tradition. The five-dimension ski features EST Park Rocker, which subtly rockers the tips to create catch- free buttering and pressing, while maintaining normal camber underfoot to enhance carving and stability. More info
Playfulness: 4.4 Stability: 4.6 Swing Weight: 4.6 Carving: 4.2 OVERALL: 17.8

#9 Scott- Punisher Jib

A late addition to Scott's park ski lineup, the Punisher Jib is the weapon of choice for park slayer Tom Wallisch. Like all Scott skis, the Punisher Jib features a full wood core and complete sandwich construction. “Aggressively responsive, insanely fast and very agile,” praised one tester. More info
Playfulness: 4.6 Stability: 4.3 Swing Weight: 4.4 Carving: 4.4 OVERALL: 17.7

#10 Dynastar- 6Th Sense Superpipe

Dynastar stays true 17.4 to its long-standing tradition of making quality products with the 6th Sense Superpipe. “Very strong, pretty stiff, solid, has decent pop,” is how one tester explained the wood core, vertical sidewall constructed ski. More info
Playfulness: 3.8 Stability: 4.8 Swing Weight: 4.5 Carving: 4.3 OVERALL: 17.4

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