Thursday Creative Callout: Scott Goggles

Thursday Creative Callout: Scott Goggles

When’s the last time you looked at your goggles and saw a “blank canvas”? At Scott USA that is exactly what co-art director Nowel Pawliw sees. When envisioning this years goggle’s Pawliw saw a chance for art and skiing to collide. Scott collaborated with artists Mike Stilkey, and Chelsey Freyta to pump out an artist-inspired goggle collection.

“The process has been an evolutionary one. It started as a small idea that has fully blown up into a limited and unique series that we can offer our customers,” Pawliw said. What was meant to be only a one-goggle project has grown into a four-goggle, two-artist collaboration that will be offered in the 2010-11 Scott Goggle line.

The Scott Fix by Mike Stilkey

One of the artists, Mike Stilkey caught the eye of Scott when he was showing his artwork in the Gilman Contemporary Gallery in Ketchum, ID, which is located right by Scott USA headquarters. Pawliw took a liking to Stilkey’s work when visiting the museum and slowly started to develop a relationship with him, which eventually grew into the first collaboration. Pawliw said, “Working with Mike has been a treat. Going back all the way to connecting with him at our local gallery, we have been able to build a great relationship and now have a chance to offer his art around the globe on our goggles.” Stilkey’s art can be seen on both the Fix and Aura goggle.

The Scott Aura by Mike Stilkey

Also offered on the Fix and Aura goggle is the artwork of Chelsey Freyta. Impressed with the many talents of Freyta, Pawliw and Scott approached her about doing a collaborative piece. “Chelsey has worked with such a wide variety of mediums from jewelry to canvases. When she approached this project I really think she was able to see it as a three dimensional piece. She integrated so many of her artistic qualities and put it into the goggle,” said Pawliw.

The Scott Fix by Chelsey Freyta

“Like athletes, artist are passionate about what they do, so we wanted to give them a chance to collaborate with us and put their passion into our products,” said Pawliw. “We have a concept in the works for next year and are looking to take the idea one step further; we are excited about it.”

The Scott Aura by Chelsey Freyta

For more from Mike Stilkey and Chelsy Freyta, check out Mike’s website and Chelsy’s work. And for more from Scott USA, make sure to check out www.scott-sports.com.


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