Throw Down at the Targhee Tee-Off March 6-8!

Throw Down at the Targhee Tee-Off March 6-8!

If you are SOL on landing a spot in the sold out Taos Extremes or bummed that Jackson Hole discontinued their freeskiing event, then fret no more because Grand Targhee is stepping up with the Targhee Tee-Off on March 6-8. You’d better get on it though because the event will be capped at 50 and spots are going fast. The comp is open to both men and women.

Targhee is generally known as the more mellow of the two Teton resorts, except of course for one big, gnarly contiguous band of cliffs on the uber-steep north side of Peaked Mountain. This is where it will all go down during the Tee-Off.

Download your entry form and get all the info that you need https://grandtarghee.com/the-resort/news-events/events.php?item=1312.

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