Things I’ve Learned: Ian Cosco

Things I’ve Learned: Ian Cosco

Ian Cosco, 23, Pro Skier, Chug Life Creator, Nudie enthusiast, Sherwood Park, Alberta


Ian road tripping between Utah and Idaho. p: Shay Williams

As a kid I was a bit of everything. To my parents, I was an angel. To my friends, I was crazy. To my teachers, I was a no good hellion.

Unless my parents are lying to me, paint chips could've been involved in my upbringing. As far as I know, they test for that sort of thing when you get your pilot's license though. I think what really provided the Chug you stand before today is the two brethren whom made sure I was going to be the best the Chugman could be.

What led me into freestyle skiing was my oldest brother Teddy. I thought he, along with my other brother, was a king, and I aspired to be like the both of them. Teddy had joined the Northern Alberta Freestyle Ski Team and I followed suit. Everything fell into place from there.

It is tougher to make it in the ski industry as a pro nowadays in the sense that tricks are gnarlier and you need to be super unique to be noticed, but it is also easier in the sense that there are so many more companies, good parks, and more ways to make it big.

I am a competitor, but I don't have the same intensity as some of the other guys. I do secretly get pissed when I don't do well, but I try to keep it cool and learn from it. As with everything in life, I try to take it pretty easy.

I'm supportive of the sport becoming more serious in certain aspects because there will always be that fun loving side that isn't so serious, and both sides will appeal to different things.

It would be better to spend 10-percent after a win than having a TM buy me drinks all night because a) that means I won, and b) that means all my friends and I are partying together.The ski industry has taught me that you can mix business with pleasure. Sometimes.

I don't think partying is bad for athletes, when done at the right time. Pretty much everyone in the industry has a solid grasp on when to party and when not to.

I don't remember my best pick up line… but I think it works.

I have learned that pro hoes are… easy?

Advice for pro hoes would be to follow your predecessors.

The idea of Chug Life came from me realizing my life is a shit show and my friends and I have a blast… all the time. I decided to take the initiative and document it. I never thought it would be this successful and I'm pretty stoked on it.

My favorite moment from Chug Life right now is P.R.O. pissing all over his money….that was insane. And my favorite person to film is probably TJ Schiller, when he's shitting. He just gets so mad and there's absolutely nothing he can do.


Having a filmer for a few episodes of Chug Life was a little different, but since I was editing it, I thought it stayed very similar, just with higher quality filming. I definitely like having a filmer.

If I was hiring a Chug Life intern, prerequisites would be something like this: minimum age 19 (21 preferred so they can come out in the US, as well), doesn't mind late/odd hours, able to film, upload, and label footage to my liking, andddd preferably female.

In a fight between my ideal intern and the Voleurz intern, my intern would definitely come out on top. Even though my ideal intern would be female, that little french Voleurz intern is a serious pussy. Wait 'til you see his segment in That's Fine. In one particular shot, I take him down with ease and Max Hill butters over him. He's weak and brittle.quote2chug.jpg

What I'm saying is that it's hard to know when the best shot of an episode is going to happen, so it's hard to GTS at times.

I've pretty much decided skiing is out of Chug Life unless it's funny. I'll leave my skiing for specific skiing edits.

I foresee Chug Life going for my entire ski career. Maybe becoming a TV show?

I would love to give a cameo to Kenny F—ing Powers.

Joe Schuster's and my very special relationship consists of love, hate, hugs, farts, alcohol, contradiction, punches, arguments, travel, cheese, loud whispering, yelling, Mowgli, and blackouts, among other things.

Yes, I have a big cross tattooed on my back. I really like math, mainly addition. Just kidding. The cross is obviously a religious symbol. I was raised a Catholic and still have my beliefs. The tat isn't finished, I'm definitely doing some work to it as soon as I get around to it. I definitely don't regret it. It's a part of my life and now it's a part of me.


Ian competing at the Winter Dew Tour, Breckenridge, CO. p: Shay Williams

I told Pete Olenick it would take $15,000 for me to officially get him inside my back. But he's running out of time because I'm filling it in soon.

In 20 years, I'd say I'll have a family that is extremely adventurous. I'm guessing three girls, even though I'd like three boys.

I watched the Skittles wedding night commercial. Brilliant. [Ed. note: NSFW:]

The ski industry has taught me a lot about family and friendship. I never thought in my life a community of this size could be so tight-knit. It has taught me that the friends we have in this industry are something I will never forget and will always appreciate. #NoHomo.

My favorite pro skier is TJ Schiller because he's hot. Tee-hee.



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