The top 10 videos of 2018, thus far

The top 10 videos of 2018, thus far

The internet is a place to watch crazy shit happen—and this post falls right into that category. We’ve double-checked our analytics to provide you, our insatiable FREESKIER audience, the most-watched videos of 2018, thus far. Go ahead, indulge in the chaos.

10. Speed rider threads needle, escapes massive avalanche in France

Speedriding is a fascinating sport, combining skiing and paragliding. The activity provides the best of both worlds—the wonder of etching turns into a mountainside with the thrill of gliding through the air. An unforeseen benefit, however, can be witnessed via this video: the ability to get the hell out of dodge when trouble arises. Maxence Cavalade was speedriding in Val d’Isere this past February when he triggered a massive avalanche. The professional speedrider simply lifted off, navigated a couple of tight rock corridors and flew away to safety, watching the massive slide rip from the mountain in his wake. While the video is a fascinating watch, it’s still a reminder of the power of avalanches and the need to respect that threat when in the mountains.

9. Behind the scenes of “One Of Those Days 3” with Candide Thovex

Since debuting the insanely viral, insanely impressive “One Of Those Days 3” a few months ago (above), skiing legend Candide Thovex has released a collection of behind-the-scenes posts on his Instagram account that collectively provide some clarity as to how he put that internet sensation together. And though there’s definitely still some head-scratching going on all around the world, we’re now experiencing some satisfying, long-awaited “aha” moments. Thanks, Candide. Click here to go behind the scenes.

8. Pyeongchang skiing robots are… not very good skiers

In a contest worthy of televised action via ESPN 8: The Ocho, robotics teams are pitting animatronic skiers against one another, an hour away from the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The competition is dubbed the “Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge,” and features eight robotics teams representing various research universities, institutes and private companies, each competing for a $10,000 prize. Each “skier” must navigate an 80-meter course and successfully maneuver around race gates. The fastest time wins. Luckily for those harboring paranoia about the impending takeover of Earth by the artificially intelligent, these robots could definitely use a few more ski lessons.

7. This is the most outrageous ski edit you’ll see today

I’m not sure what just happened. Is this a ski edit? Is it something more profound? How do I rent Go-Karts to drive around the streets of Tokyo? Did I just see the Power Rangers rip through the park on skiblades? Before watching this short film directed by Julien Mazard and featuring the “What’s Your Name” crew prepare yourself for an onslaught of entertainment. Witty dialogue combined with ridiculous skits and, of course, rippin’ skiing through some of the deepest snow in the world mark this as one of the best ski edits you’ll watch today.

6. “Return of the Turn,” Ep. 4 brings straight skis, hot doggin’ back to life

The Return of the Turn Ep. 4 is here with Marcus Caston and Zach Clayton going back to the future on 210cm straight skis. Remember those glory days of hot dogging? Well, don’t be fooled—the spirit of the original freeskier is alive and well. Here, skiers Marcus Caston and Zach Clayton head to Utah’s Alta Ski Area to ski its famous steeps, blast through mogul fields and slash pow on some of skiing’s most infamous skis from the past: Blizzard’s Thermo V20 and the original Firebird. At 210cm and 205cm, respectively, these twigs aren’t for the faint of heart; rockin’ these things, you better “grip it and rip it” before you get bucked worse than a rookie at the rodeo.

5. Cutting edge skiing with the Real Skifi crew

The Real Skifi just dropped their latest edit—and you could say they have successfully manufactured the sawed-off shotgun of the ski world. Chopping off the fronts and backs of their skis with a rotating saw, these ridiculous Fins just revolutionized the meaning of the phrase “cutting edge skiing.” But, this isn’t surprising—these kinds of shenanigans seem to be the norm with this crew. Keep those tips up, boys.

4. Introducing ROAM: The robotic ski exoskeleton designed to save your knees

Step aside, Arnold, the next generation of bionic humans have arrived. Introducing ROAM, a first-of-its-kind robotic powered exoskeleton designed to “superpower your knees” while you’re out on the slopes tearin’ it up. Basically, ROAM is set of intelligent shock absorbers for your legs, providing you extra energy to ski longer, stronger and pain-free. Still in the prototype phase, you can sign up to be a Guinea Pig right here.

3. Shane McConkey’s “James Bond” segment from Seven Sunny Days

One of the most iconic and outrageous spoof scenes ever reenacted for a ski movie, this clip of the late Shane McConkey as James Bond from Matchstick Productions’ 2007 feature-length film, Seven Sunny Days, never ceases to amaze. Explosions and gunshots, BASE jumping, high alpine skiing, sex appeal—this clip has got it all. “Matchstick needs me,” says McConkey. We all do, Shane, we all do.

2. Video proof that Tanner Hall is rocking 2018 harder than the rest of us

This past week really has been one I will never forget! Being up here in Haines with @hharlaut @lukebobmob and @parkincostain was all time. We were real lucky with the weather and found some good snow on a tough year up here and in only 7 days we got so much done up here and it’s all thanks to @seabaheli! So damn hyped we got what we got up here and now it’s time to head back to Tahoe for @gbpgremlinz Gremlin Gamez going down on 4/20 then out to Sweden for the @kimbosessions to finish the season up right!!! Thanks to everyone who has help make this season one of the best yet ????????! @gopro @oakleyskiing @armadaskis @dalbellosports @tyroliabindings @inspiredmovementusa #skiboss #AK #dreamjumpline #inspired #gbp #lifeisgood

A post shared by Tanner Hall (@tannerhall420) on

We seen it all too often—young stars getting burned out by the spotlight, through injuries, bad habits and/or a plethora of other reasons. Despite Tanner Hall coming up in his youth, making a name for himself in the skiing community by the time he was a freshman in high school, “Ski Boss” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve been keeping tabs on Hall and his antics from the 2018 season, which we’ve compiled into a gallery, below. It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with the T-Hall we thought we knew—this dude is on FIRE. Click here to see more.

1. Horrifying footage of chairlift accident in Georgia

This is right up there as a “worst nightmare” scenario for skiers and ski resorts. The Gaudari (in Georgia) ski resort chairlift begins to spin in reverse at an incredible rate of speed, sending innocent skiers flying and creating a heap of discarded chairs in the process. Thankfully there were no casualties, although eight people sustained minor injuries.

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