Telluride boy Kolby Ward to launch all-new 2015 web series, “Ward’s World”

Telluride boy Kolby Ward to launch all-new 2015 web series, “Ward’s World”

Kolby Ward has spent the greater part of his life within the freeskiing competition circuit. Week-in and week-out, winter after winter, the 24-year-old out of Telluride, Colorado has gotten down with the best of ’em in the terrain park. This year, Ward taking the next step in his skiing career with the launch of an all-new web series, Ward’s World. From chasing pow to skiing with his best friends—fellow pros and Scott teammates—Ward will aim to capture what skiing means to him through his eyes alone. Be on the lookout for the first of many episodes in the weeks to come, and in the meantime get the inside scoop on the project from Ward himself through the Q&A below.

The Q&A…


Mr. Kolby Ward. How the heck are you? How’s school going this fall?

I’m doing very well—it’s snowing! School has been busy this semester. Although, I am finally a senior [laughs]. Only a few more classes and I will be graduating with a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Philosophy. I’m super excited to put school behind me and start on the next adventure in life.

Congratulations on the new web series, Ward’s World. How did the project come about?

I have always wanted to produce my own web series and this winter seemed like the right time. After last season’s long competition schedule, I was a little burnt out and I wanted to switch it up a little bit with my skiing. I started brainstorming about what I really love in skiing and realized that [I love skiing because] it is my avenue of expression. I know that sounds super cliché, but it’s true. Whether it is a “pizza, french fry” day or a “go big or go home” day, skiing is always an expression of my personality. This then led to the idea of creating a web series where I can express myself in a way that is not dictated by competitions. I can ski how I feel, or in other words, ski in my element, Ward’s World.

What are your goals for the series?

My number one goal is to create a series that I am proud of, something that represents me as a skier. In addition, I want to create something that people enjoy watching and will look forward to the next episode.

Who will be filming each episode?

Tucker Brumley, a fellow Telluridian—he’ll be filming the majority of the series. Additional filming will be done by George Knowles, also a fellow Telluridian. An all around Telluride crew, I guess. [laughs]

What will set your project apart from other web series?

The creative framework that each episode will follow is definitely going to set it apart from other web series. Also, the variety of skiing throughout the videos will give it originality as a whole. Each episode will focus on a different aspect of the sport.

Who can we expect cameos from throughout Ward’s World?

A hopeful guest star will be Bobby Brown. We have a trip in the works and I’m super excited about its potential. You can also expect other athletes from Scott Sports, Dalbello boots and Marker bindings to pop in on any given day, too.

What does your travel schedule look like for the season?

That is to be determined by the snow. I have always wanted to say that. My competition schedule is going to be less busy, which will allow me to put my focus toward where the snow is falling to better the series.

What’s next? Do you plan to continue the web series in the future?

I would like to continue in this direction, but only time will tell. I am really excited for this winter to see what type of content I can produce and what the viewers think.

Closing thoughts or shoutouts?

I definitely want to thank my team manager, Topher Plimpton, at Scott Sports. His support has really helped this project transpire and come to life. Also, I want to thank Tucker Brumley for jumping on board with me. He has exceptional cinematography skills, and I know we are going to make a good team. I’d also like to send a huge thanks to my agent, Briar Schreiber for everything she has done to help me along the way. Other than that, just stay tuned and look forward to episode one of Ward’s World dropping in December.

Best of luck, we’re stoked to check it out.

Thanks, Thach!

For more information, see the press release below.


Photo by Robin McDonald

Press Release provided by the Sports and Entertainment Company:

Denver, Colorado – Professional skier Kolby Ward announced today that he has teamed up with his long-time sponsor, Scott Sports to produce a 5-part web series to run installments throughout the 2014-15 ski season.

Ward is a pro freeskier known for going big at slopestyle competitions like the Dew Tour and the North Face Park and Pipe Open Series. Wanting to do something a little different this year, Ward is working with his sponsors to create a web series that gives viewers an inside look at his world of pro action sports. “I am very excited about the potential that this project holds,” mentions Ward. “It will allow me to display my skiing away from competitions in a very fun and creative way.”

With talent, A-List skier friends expected to make cameos, and the ridiculous sense of humor Ward is known for, the series promises to deliver strong this winter. The web series will allow Ward to show his style in the biggest parks in North America with some international travel planned, depending on snow conditions. In partnering with sponsors like Scott Sports, Dalbello boots and Marker bindings, Ward will provide viewers with the opportunity to see edits longer than media he regularly releases. He will also show his creativity in building jumps and sessioning natural features in the backcountry in locations including his hometown of Telluride, CO.

“The season is finally here, and I am stoked to get things rolling!” exclaimed Ward. The web series will be available with monthly installments on Vimeo and Scott Sports beginning in December 2014.

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