Tech On The Mountain

Tech On The Mountain

There is an interesting and long brewing debate in reference to technology on the mountain. From new types of gear to music players to cameras, it seems that everyone has a different take on what is acceptable.

I remember just a few years ago when you could hire someone to film a run and would give you a dvd of it. Now, an HD camera setup runs you under $300 and the footage can be uploaded without a computer. The only constant to mountain culture and technology is change. It seems everyone is armed with an iPhone or Android to take pictures, video and instantly share information.

The experience is shifting from personal to community, from solitude of cutting turns to the experience of having a group participate.

There is an interesting perspective with all of this: is tech shifting the experience on the mountain or is the mountain shifting what we see in technology? Can we look at trends in New York and see if they will effect Blue Sky Basin’s grilling culture? Likewise, how can the devises designed to work well in the cellphone less back bowls help out messaging platforms?

It is an exciting time to look at technology on the mountain. For those of us that are more excited about the gadget in our pocket than the planks on our feet, it has never been better.

Looking forward to the winter!

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