Pro skier Kaya Turski at the Woodward Copper Barn

The Woodward Barn is Heaven; Here’s how you can get in on the action this summer

The Woodward Barn is Heaven; Here’s how you can get in on the action this summer

This past week, the FREESKIER squad—along with a talented roster of ski testers—converged upon Copper Mountain, Colorado for the annual park ski test. We spent three straight days jibbing up a storm, blasting off jumps, buttering and pressing our way around the hill, getting creative on the badass setups arranged by Woodward Copper across Central Park, the 22-foot Main Vein Superpipe, Eagle Jib Park and the Upper and Lower Playground Parks. The goal: To thoroughly assess the strengths and weaknesses (while having the most fun, of course) of next year’s park-specific skis. The beta obtained from the test helps us determine which skis prove worthy enough to secure Editors’ Pick distinction in the upcoming (September) Buyer’s Guide.

In the middle of our three-day testing stint, our team also let loose at one of the most fun places on Earth: Woodward Copper’s Barn. The colossal red structure sits along the Copper Mountain access road, mere minutes from the ski lifts. And while the exterior may emit a farmland vibe, you won’t find any pitchforks, tractors or livestock inside—just a multitude of tools to boost your skiing to the next level. The Barn houses five Olympic trampolines (two of which border foam pits for no-consequence landings) as well as one expansive “super tramp,” for those looking to boost to the rafters. Woodward Copper also boasts a fleet of “Parkskis,” mini-sized skis equipped with wheels that grip the wooden surface of the in-run to Woodward’s three jumps. Each jump caters to a different ability level and launches participants into a giant foam pit. The jumps are a great way for campers to practice aerial maneuvers before attempting the same stunts on snow. Guests can also shred Woodward’s indoor skate park, if they so choose. All told: It’s a jibber’s delight.

Always a treat to romp around the @WoodwardCopper Barn. Filling the annual back-mute quota! #JP

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We spent our time getting inverted on the trampolines—backflips, flat 3s, misty 5s—and watching our park testers, many of them pro level athletes, pin-it to win it on the super tramp. As always, the crew had a blast in the barn, but don’t just take our word for it, experience Woodward Copper for yourself this summer.

2016 marks the eighth season of summer shredding at Copper Mountain, and it’s bound to be the best one yet; there are nine week-long camps offered this summer, beginning June 5 and ending August 4. A handful of pros will attend each session, too. Shred with Will Wesson and Ross Imburgia for the Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots and Planks Clothing week (June 5 – 11); learn from McRae Williams and Sandy Boville at the Saga Outerwear, Revision Skis and Zeal-sponsored session (June 12 – 18); get rowdy with Banks Gilberti for the Adventures in Transition takeover (July 10 – July 16); or rub elbows with members of the K2 Skis team (July 31 – August 4).

Whichever week you choose, rest assured that the talented and knowledgeable Woodward staff and the host of pros in attendance will assist you in stomping that new trick you’ve been dreaming about. Additionally, 2016 will be the first summer of 100-percent lift-accessed skiing on Woodward’s Central Park. The new 1,000-foot magic carpet lift will transport skiers 215 vertical feet, ensuring each and every camper maximizes their time on snow. “The shorter lift time is a game changer in terms of getting more [laps] in on-snow,” explains Copper Mountain communications manager Stephanie Sweeney. “Campers will be able to get more laps in per session therefore allowing them more practice and to further their skills better than ever before. With less snow required to run this lift than the previous Poma lift, the new ‘magic carpet’ will be able to operate for all nine weeks of summer camp.”

Woodward Copper also implemented a new audio system in Central Park for summer ’16. “The new sound system in the park will allow for better communication between staff and campers, but it will make on-snow sessions even more fun,” says Sweeney. “Woodward Copper staff will be able to play music, organize impromptu contests to get kids excited and much more. After all, summer camp is about having fun.”

Pro skier Kaya Turski at the Woodward Copper Barn

Kaya Turski gets inverted on the super tramp. Photo courtesy of Woodward Copper

Woodward also caters to today’s digital landscape, where GoPro cameras and free editing software ensure that everyone from your fellow shred-mates to your grandmother is a content producer. Those interested in taking their filmmaking skills to new heights should check out Woodward Digital Media camp. Instructors will teach campers the ins and outs of composition, exposure, focusing, lighting, editing and more. Campers must bring a video camera, tripod, batteries, external hard drive, etc., while computers, GoPro Hero 4 cameras, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects will all be provided for daily use. “Campers get to shoot, produce and edit their own content while Woodward Copper provides instruction, some of the gear including an iMac editing station and subjects to shoot on-snow, in the skate park and in the Barn,” describes Sweeney. “All the hard work culminates on Friday night of camp where digital media campers’ edits are viewed by everyone. By offering a digital media component to camp, it allows kids to get involved with action sports in a way beyond participating in the sport itself.”

Note: Digital Media camp is offered for all sessions except for Weeks 5 and 9.

For more information or to book a session, visit WoodwardCopper.com/summercamp.

Summer Camp Dates:

Week #1: June 5 – June 11

    • Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Planks Clothing
    • Pro skiers in attendance: Will Wesson and Ross Imburgia
  • Week #2: June 12 – June 18

    • Revision Skis, Zeal and Saga Outerwear
    • Pro skiers in attendance: McRae Williams and Sandy Boville
  • Week #3: June 19 – June 25

    • Sponsors TBD
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD
  • Week #4: June 26 – July 2

    • Girls Week with Lib Tech
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD

    Week #5: July 5 – July 9

    • Grom Week (ages 8-12) with Sponsors TBD
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD
  • Week #6: July 10 – July 16

    • Sponsors TBD
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD

    Week #7: July 17 – July 23

    • Adult Week with Sponsors TBD
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD

    Week #8: July 24 – July 30

    • Girls and Adult Week with Sponsors TBD
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD
  • Week #9: July 31 – August 4

    • Grom Week (ages 8-12) with K2 Skis
    • Pro skiers in attendance: TBD
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