Talking with Magnus Granér on “Interpretation”

Talking with Magnus Granér on “Interpretation”

The Bunch comes dancing through powder and concrete to deliver the most unique ski film of the year “Interpretation”. This film celebrates the New Wave style of Park and Backcountry skiing and these Swedes bleed euro style through their buttery antics, paired with a poetic production. We got the chance to catch up with Magnus Granér to talk about the inspiration behind such a unique and groundbreaking film. Featured photography by Pär Peyben Hägglund.

How long did it take to film “Interpretation”?

We filmed from December to June.

What was the inspiration for the title?

It is about your own Interpretation. We are giving you color to paint your own picture. Everyone see things differently and we love that.

Was there a favorite moment for you during the filming of this movie, location?

We had something indescribable going on in Tahoe this year. A crew of 20-30 people came along on this life experience. Living , loving and sharing with each other like we where some tribe. It’s so easy to just go into the woods and do your thing, you are so free from distractions and there is a frequency in the air that you can’t really describe. The best description i have of it is the second segment of the movie ”the multi quarter pipe segment”. I think Gustav gave this frequency justice in this segment.

How did everyone choose the music for their parts, is there a general vibe agreed upon?

Gustav and Jens who did the editing choose all the song and even found pretty much all the songs. These guys are music nerds.

How involved is the crew during the editing process?

Everyone brings their piece to the puzzle and we complete the puzzle almost without seeing the other persons pieces. Gustav and Jens brings two different editing pieces that flow really well together.

There are quite a few videos of you dancing in the film, have you always been a dancer?

I learned how to dance in a second. It was always in me but I gave it no attention because I was scared to let the dance flow thru me. I did not want to be humiliated, fear locked my dance in a room that I did not even know existed within me. Letting go of that fear and freeing my dance has been an incredible life lesson. Go free yourself and dance fam. Here is the key, now unlock.

There are some references to eco friendly ideals in this movie. I’ve heard you are involved with environmental issues when your not skiing. How does this focus influence your skiing and video parts?

This makes me think differently and it takes my path on some new roads so I am super excited to see where those roads lead. We are humble by the opportunity we have to make positive change.

What is next for The Bunch as far as filming goes?

The force is strong right now, one would have to ask Yoda for the answer because I don’t know. I do know though that there is extreme potential within this group that is constantly creating and expanding. On many different planes.

Magnus invents many new butter combinations throughout his segment. The skiing is incomprehensible until at least one full viewing. If you have a true love for skiing, go to www.thebunch.se to expand your mind.

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