Subscribe today and get FREESKIER magazine Volume 20 for just five bucks

Subscribe today and get FREESKIER magazine Volume 20 for just five bucks

It’s summer—the days are long, the sunshine is strong, the mountain bikes, hiking boots, fishing rods, climbing harnesses and board shorts are out, while the skis are packed away. But, despite the heat, in the back of every skier’s mind live day-dreams of cold smoke powder billowing into their face, steep no-fall zones, monster cliffs, perfect groomers, evenly spaced tree runs and mammoth jumps. The point? It’s never too early to begin preparing for next ski season and your first step should be to subscribe to FREESKIER magazine. And if you do it by July 21, 2017, you’ll get all of Volume 20 for a mere $5.

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What can you look forward to, should you decide to fork over the same amount of cash as a five-dollar foot-long sandwich? Here’s what’s on the docket for FREESKIER Volume 20:

Volume 20.1 — The Buyer’s Guide

Ship date: August 9, 2017

The FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide is by far and away the ski industry’s leading gear guide. Upwards of 100 skis are ranked and reviewed as a result of FREESKIER’s annual ski test, and appear alongside throngs of outerwear, goggles, helmets, packs, luggage, backcountry gear and accessories, all deemed the best of the best by our veteran team. The Buyer’s Guide is guaranteed to help you make the smartest purchasing decisions come this fall.

Volume 20.2 — The Resort Guide

Ship date: September 20, 2017

The Resort Guide highlights our favorite ski destinations in North America. We ask ourselves, “Selves, if you could tell you’re buddy to travel anywhere to go skiing this winter, where would it be?” Then we give you the answers. This issue features a diverse array of colorful resort storytelling and compelling destination stories, all complemented by stunning photography.

Volume 20.3 — The Backcountry Issue

Ship date: October 18, 2017

For those who consider themselves out-of-bounds enthusiasts, the Backcountry Issue features in-depth stories, stunning photography, a robust gear section and a heli- and cat-skiing guide, all surrounding the sector of backcountry skiing.

Volume 20.4 — FREESKIER 20th Anniversary Issue

Ship date: November 22, 2017

FREESKIER is celebrating a very special birthday year, the big 2—0. The nostalgic issue will celebrate the history of FREESKIER and skiing over the past 20 years. It will champion the evolution of gear technology, comparing what we’ve used over the years while displaying the latest and greatest products that skiers can today, as well as the biggest personalities in skiing and their contributions to the sport. We’ll also preview the 2018 Winter Olympics, taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea, where halfpipe and slopestyle skiers will showcase their sport to the world for the second time.

So, dear reader, we ask you, what on Earth are you waiting for? Subscribe today.



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