Eat four cans of cat food? Subscribe to FREESKIER, watch ridiculous pledges unfold

Eat four cans of cat food? Subscribe to FREESKIER, watch ridiculous pledges unfold


We f#cking love skiing. We also f#cking love FREESKIER. Many of you already have subscriptions to the mag, however, for those that don’t—in celebration of FREESKIER’s annual summer subscription drive—our gang has pledged to complete a list of idiotic tasks to encourage you to sign up.

For a limited time only, subscribe to FREESKIER and get one year’s worth of magazines (six issues) for just $5.00. That’s five stinkin’ bucks, because we love you guys. Or, you can spend $8.00 to get 12 issues of our sweet as’ magazine over two years. And it gets even better: spend $10.00 for your new subscription and get six issues per year for the next three years—that’s 18 mags for just 10 buckaroos!

The subscription push goes through 7.24.14. Time is ticking. We appreciate your help in spreading the good word, and for being a part of the FREESKIER fam. For now, I’ll start thinking of female names for Damian…

The Pledges:


Note: Video evidence of challenges being completed will be provided on this page. Additionally, if you do not subscribe to FREESKIER before 7.24.14 you will not receive the 2015 Buyer’s Guide in your mailbox; more on the fine print, right here. Also, this special deal does apply to international subscribers; additional shipping and handling fees remain in place. To report missing copies or a change of address, visit freeskier.com/subscribe.

Video Evidence:

100 Subs!

200 Subs!

300 Subs!

400 Subs!

500 Subs!

600 Subs!

700 Subs!

Video coming soon…

800 Subs!

900 Subs!

Video coming soon…

1,000 Subs!

2,000 Subs!

Video coming soon…

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