Still F I R E D U P !!!!!!!!!!!********** :-)

Still F I R E D U P !!!!!!!!!!!********** :-)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and New Year with lots of skiing and lots of snow! I know I did! First, I want to again thank everyone for all of the votes! It’s great to see that they keep on coming. There are quite a few qualified potential “Lange Girls” in this contest. I have even put in my votes for my own personal favorites. To win this contest would be amazing. I’m obviously in it to win it. I have always been a competitor and thus, this is a competition. I really don’t like losing! With that said, I truly think I have what is takes to be a Lange Girl and to become the national winner…I am doing my best to try to prove this to you guys. I’ve got the ski pics- the winner has got to prove she can rip of course. I have also got the cute and sexy pics as well because we know the right Lange Girl needs to look the part…I think about how cool it would be to come out as the winner in this contest and what an adventure it would be representing a solid brand and getting women more involved in the ski world (AND how much fun it would be creating a kick ass poster!*!* 🙂 So as the days are dwindling in this contest, I am getting fired up…

See you on the slopes!

-Amanda XOXO

https://lange2008.freeskier.com/profiles/profile.php?user_id=20755 Vote for me!!

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