Stept Productions announces 2013 film release, “Mutiny”

Stept Productions announces 2013 film release, “Mutiny”

In 2013—after 12 years of producing ski films—Stept Productions embarked on its largest film project to date. Today, Stept is proud to announce its newest feature: Mutiny. The film documents young, progressive skiers as they commence on a mission around the United States; using the biggest cities in the country as their playground, the Stept crew sacrifices their health as they continue to redefine street skiing. Groundbreaking action, coupled with an award winning film crew brings a dark and mysterious story to light. Mutiny is intended for a mature audience and is dedicated to exposing the viewer to the raw and unfiltered world of the Stept crew.


Charlie Owens throws down during the making of Mutiny

“Making Mutiny has been on all of our minds ever since we first came together as a crew. Without any distractions, I finally got to take a year to focus on making a single segment that truly represents what I’m worth as a skier.” – Clayton Vila

“I was dealing with knee issues throughout the year, so I focused on directing and shooting the new movie. Seeing the carnage this year was a little excessive. Every trip seemed to result in a major surgery.” – Nick Martini

“Our crew is really tight these days and it’s a small group of skiers, we like it best that way. We are all on the same program and are aware of the different roles everyone plays to create a successful film. ABM was a welcome addition to this dynamic and adds a significant aspect to the riding featured in the film.” – Cam Riley

“This season was a completely new experience on the filming side. Going from skiing urban with homies back home to shredding the streets with the best urban crew out there… It was crazy at first not knowing a lot of people in the crew and learning their way of doing things. It took me a couple days to figure it all, but after it was just like I was part of the crew.” – Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (ABM)

“Despite becoming addicted to pain killers, this past season was my favorite to date. We rolled heavy as a crew all winter and were lucky enough to spend the majority of our time on the east coast.” – Shea Flynn

“Being able to go back to Big Boulder, PA in the spring and shoot was something I always wanted to do. They gave me a call in mid April and said they had snow and and a crew to build a huge jump. I flew back as soon as I got the word and things couldn’t have worked out any better.” – Sean Jordan

“Last year, Justin Norman drove from Bend to meet us in Durango but got T-boned in Moab and never made it into the movie. This year, he flew to Boston and after one-upping people a few times, started finding and picking off his own gems. The combination of good snow, neighborhoods he’d never seen, a disturbing crew, and rule locals, culminated in the best snowboarding we’ve captured.” – Alex Martini

“Growing up in North Carolina I ate 10 pancakes every morning for breakfast. I’m over this quote shit.” – Charlie Owens

Mutiny DVD’s ship from the Stept Store on July 30. The film’s release will coincide with the drop of Stept’s fall ’13 apparel line. To pre-order the film and other merchandise, as well as find out more about Stept, please visit steptproductions.com.

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