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‘SOMETHING’ – Parker, Freedle and Level1 cap off the trilogy in pristine poetic style

For the last two years, Parker White and Freedle Coty have offered us a glimpse into the world of those who spend their winters on the road, poking around from Mt Baker to Japan, finding the deepest snows one could wish for. What has come to separate their flicks from the plethora of ski media that’s released each fall is not the snow, nor the lines they ride. While both of those attributes are very impressive to say the least, it’s their romantic vision for what riding on snow can be that has made them stand out. The duo’s third film, ‘SOMETHING’ is more of the same, in the best possible way.

Here you won’t find any hard rap tracks or fist-clenching Metallica, but rather an amalgamation of catchy songs and creative camera angles, all blended together into a perfect concoction of near tear-jerking nostalgia. It’s a difficult balance to come by; a statement that can be backed up by the lack of ski films that truly achieve it. The previous two movies, ‘Nothing’ and ‘Nothing New’, have hit home each year without giving much of a distinct arc. It’s a beautiful blend of illusive direction that keeps you, the imaginative, ski-loving audience, glued to the screen in a delighted state of wonder.

It would appear that reduction is the winning element for this trilogy, and in that spirit, I’ll let ‘SOMETHING’ speak for itself. Thank you to Parker, Freedle, and Level1 for bringing these films to life. They’ll long be reminders of how beautiful and inspiring a snow riding project can be.

Check out the ‘SOMETHING’ digital premiere below, with a live Q&A featuring Parker and Freedle

And since you’re still reading, thanks to Parker, Freedle, Sarge, Forest, and everyone else who has helped to bring a bit of snowboarding into the world of skiing. We are better because of it.

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