Skiers test their knowledge on Jibardy: Riley Leboe vs. Dane Tudor

Skiers test their knowledge on Jibardy: Riley Leboe vs. Dane Tudor

How does it work? We call each athlete on the phone and ask ’em 10 questions. The Rules: This is a battle of two minds. No physical prowess necessary. Cheating not allowed. No Google, no Wikipedia, no smart friends. No set time limit, but don’t take forever, it’s not rocket science. Points are awarded at the discretion of FREESKIER staff. In the event of a tie… well, it’s a tie. Winner does not move on, this is a one time deal. Stay tuned to see who competes in the next edition of Jibardy.

#1. Who was on the box cover of PBP’s 13?

  • I can see it; he’s doing a huntony. I’m gonna go with JP.
  • JP or Brad Holmes. 

#2. Name the skiers on APO’s pro team.

  • Sammy and… Candide? [1 pt.]
  • Sammy, Willie, Kai. [3 pts.]

#3. What state was Tom Wallisch born in? (Bonus point for the city.)

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [2 pts.]
  • I think it’s Pennsylvania but I don’tknow any cities in Pennsylvania. [1 pt.]

#4. Name the three finalist cities bidding for the 2020 Olympic Games.

  • Athens? I don’t really know.
  • Pass.

#5. Who was the highest paid athlete in 2011 according to Forbes?

  • Tiger Woods.
  • Who’s that tennis player? Federer?

#6. Who was the first skier to do a modern double flip in the halfpipe?

  • Peter Olenick. [1 pt.]
  • Tanner.

#7. At press time, how many episodes of The Simpsons have been broadcast?

  • 270. [1 pt.]
  • 12.

#8. Which resort has more vertical, Kicking Horse, BC or Telluride, CO?

  • Kicking Horse.
  • Kicking Horse.

#9. What is Q’s full name in the James Bond franchise?

  • Question.
  • Quartermaster. [1 pt.]

#10. What is the average distance from the Earth to the Moon?

  • 2,000,000 miles.
  • 180,000 miles. [1 pt.]

ANSWERS: 01. JF Cusson. 02. Sammy Carlson, Willie Borm, Kai Mahler. 03. Pennsylvania. Bonus point for city, Pittsburgh. 04. Madrid, Tokyo and Istanbul. 05. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 06. Peter Olenick. 07. Closest to 508. 08. Telluride, 4,425’ vs. 4,133’ 09. Quartermaster. 10. Closest to 238,885 miles or 384,448 km.

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