Ski testing is like speed dating say two Freeskier ski testers, stars of “G.N.A.R”

Ski testing is like speed dating say two Freeskier ski testers, stars of “G.N.A.R”

Salt Lake City’s Chuck Mumford, 28, and 29-year-old Mattias Sullivan of Truckee, CA are best known in the world of skiing for their roles in G.N.A.R. the Movie (2010). During the making of the film, the two skied naked together down Squaw Valley’s Palisades—a bold move in more ways than one. Sullivan also stars in one of the more memorable scenes in the film when he pauses mid naked run to call his mother on the phone, all in the name of G.N.A.R. points, of course.

Luckily for us, Mumford and Sullivan took a break from skiing in the nude to join us this week at #FreeskierFest. Certified shredders, the boys also have extensive knowledge of ski manufacturing, and thereby—like all our testers—provide valuable reviews and feedback that assist us in selection of our Editor’s Picks. I spent the better part of yesterday skiing around with the two jokesters, who along the way explained why ski testing reminds them of speed dating.

“Trying all the skis is kind of like going on a speed date,” said Mumford. “In the same way that I like to speed date, I like to switch up my skis and see what they all have to offer.”

Sullivan elaborated, “You get to try out shorties, fatties, tall ones, tan ones, light ones, dark ones… from all over the planet.” While it’s mostly a great experience, Sullivan admitted, “I kind of feel like I’m cheating on my skis at home.” As for preference on the skis, Sullivan explained, “I kind of like the not too short, not too tall. I guess middle of the pack. And I like them stiff and smooth.” Chuck rebutted, “I’m a really big fan of the fat ones. A nice radius. Good, smooth curves. And with the fat ones, you stay on top a little better.”

On a more serious note, the two credited Aspen’s Ajax Mountain as a top-notch ski testing venue. “I can’t imagine a better place to test skis than Aspen,” said Sullivan. “We get these long laps, all different types of terrain and conditions, and beautiful weather to top it off.” Mumford confirmed, “Every lap at Aspen gives you tons of versatility to really be able to see how a ski performs in every type of condition: Fall line, steeps, air, moguls, pow, trees… it’s wild times.”

Wild times, indeed. And with two more days of ski testing ahead, we hope Chuck and Mattias both find their perfect match. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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