Ski, Sled, Shoot: Rocking interior B.C. with Bibby, Leboe, Rainville and D. Treadway

Ski, Sled, Shoot: Rocking interior B.C. with Bibby, Leboe, Rainville and D. Treadway

A remote lakeside cabin deep in the Monashee Range of British Columbia, armed with shotguns, rifles, skis, snowmobiles and 1,500 litres of gasoline: pretty much a redneck’s wet dream.

Josh Bibby has always talked about getting a crew together to head out to his family’s cabin in the interior of B.C. The idea being: to access some of the area’s amazing terrain via snowmobile. This winter, the trip finally came together with skiers Riley Leboe, Tanner Rainville and Dan Treadway—plus myself and filmer Darren Rayner—along for the ride. Together, we joined Bibby for a week of reckless chaos, out in the sticks, completely off the grid.

The ideal location for a cabin—with a pristine, calm lake at your doorstep—and all-time sled skiing half an hour away was the setting for our adventures.

Armed with a topo’ map and GPS, we headed out to find some good skiing terrain. Josh had been to one of the zones once before, but it would take a while to find the actual access point. With Dan Treadway taking the lead, we boon-docked through multiple drainages, clear cuts and thick forests to reach the alpine, which proved to be very worthy for skiing. The Sawtooth Range as our backdrop, we accessed multiple pillow lines, spine walls, cliffs and endless natural takeoffs. With Dan and Riley killing it on their sleds, we had perfect trails set up for tandoming (side-by-side doubling) ridge lines. Every mountain drainage provided us with more epic terrain, and with the weather cooperating, we managed to ski a lot of lines, and burn a lot of fuel.

Each night when we arrived back to the cabin, beers and whiskey flowed as we replayed the day and laughed about the antics that went on. Once the sun went down, the bonfire was lit up and the firearms came out, providing much more rowdy entertainment.

The week continued with decent weather, great snow, and loads more fuel and alcohol being consumed. The photos above provide a quick glimpse of the action, but keep your eyes peeled for the real goods—the featured story—slated to hit the pages of Freeskier Magazine in the upcoming cycle.

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