Ski Shop Employees, Want To Go Heliskiing With Salomon?

Ski Shop Employees, Want To Go Heliskiing With Salomon?



Do you work in a ski shop?

Our good friends at Salomon are hosting a contest in which 4 ski shop employees are going to win a trip to Wasatch Powderbird Guides this spring. It's a simple photo contest, and this is HANDS DOWN THE BEST ODDS YOU'LL EVER HAVE OF GOING HELI-SKIING FOR FREE. 

Here's the deal. Go to Salomon Exposed and see if your shop is in the contest. If it is, figure out who at your shop is handling the entry. Then get yer' act together and get some photos up there so you can shred waist deep Utah pow on someone else's dime. 

If you're having trouble getting your shop entered, there's a contact at the contest site.

This really ain't that hard. You're already posting the photos to Facebook, where all they get is a few views from your friends and your mom. Get 'em in the contest, and they might score you a seat on an A-star in the Wasatch. 

The contest closes January 21. 

Get on it!



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