Ski The East Partners with Trew Gear

Ski The East Partners with Trew Gear

Some of you may have noticed a new and Trew addition to our Ski The East store and for those of you that haven’t, we’re proud to announce a partnership with Trew Gear, a new technical outerwear company out of Hood River, Oregon. We were first introduced to the Trew Gear brand by Ski The East team members Cedric T-F, Erme Catino, and Dan Marion. After careful inspection of their morals (they like drinking PBR), their coreness (they travel North America in an RV) and their business strategy (they want their outerwear to last for years, not just one season) we embarked on a new partnership that’ll change the way you look and feel about your outerwear. Trew’s put years of work into developing outwear that’s functional, technical, and stylish. Take a look at their mission statement:

To develop apparel that meets the highest demands in function, comfort, and style of the true rider.
THE TRUE RIDER RIPS THE MOUNTAIN everyday, boosts in the park, sends it of cornices and cliffs, floats in the powder, and finds solace in the backcountry.

The true rider keeps the sport in check and grounded to the ideals on which freeriding was founded: fun, powder and the natural energy of the mountains. Apparel designed for the true rider isn’t made just to attract attention or make a statement, nor does it attempt to measure up to the light-weight, Denali-bound, technical shells of prevalent mountaineering companies. Rather, apparel designed for the true rider fulfills the wide breadth of demands of today’s rider, capturing all aspects of mountain riding.

No longer must one rider purchase three different jackets to take him from the backcountry to the park or to the bar. TREW outerwear combines the technology of mountaineering shells with the comfort necessary for a full day on the mountain. This marriage of technology and comfort is then infused with a youthful and fun style to create outerwear that is TREWly unique to the industry.

As dedicated riders ourselves, function and performance come first when designing a jacket, but then we asked ourselves: Why can’t technical outerwear look rad?

Pretty good, right? We’re stoked to be apart of the thumbs up revolution and encourage you to head over to the Store today and take a look! Also, stay tuned to skitheeast.net for a Trew Contest coming your way very soon and be on the look out for the Trew RV – haRVey the RV – at a resort near you.

Thumbs Up!

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