SIA: Day Two

SIA: Day Two

Day two at the Snowsports Industries of America tradeshow, the hard night of partying is starting to take its toll on showgoers, exhibitors and members of the press. You can tell that many people on the show floor this morning are running on Advil and coffee. Most of them are blaming us at Freeskier because of our party at the Palms last night, hey, sorry for partying. We weren’t making you drink, well, maybe we were. Regardless, here’s some sweet new stuff from some companies you may have heard of…

SIA Day 2 – Super Gallery

Because we have so many photos and it takes forever to go through our photo galleries, we’re banging out a Super Gallery so you can easily jump through all the photos. If you still want to save any of the images, we’ve got them to the right inside our traditional photo galleries as well.


Marker has a sick new binding called the Schizo, it has 6mm of travel that allows you to adjust your stance on your ski by +3 or -3 on the fly!


New graphics on the Ledge, Bridge and Wall. Same great construction, same great skis.


Dynastar has completely changed the topsheets on their entire line and is now known as the 6th Sense.

Also, be sure to check out the double reinforced edge that they’ve throwing on their new skis.

Moment Skis

Check out the new Night Train, ash core, 170 & 180 have the same rocker profile as the Reno Rocker!

The “Mowgli” is Moment’s entry into the bump category, they’re also now an official supplier to the US Ski Team!

The Bib-Dawg (Bibby) is now available in a 190 for all of you that want to drive it big. This ride is nice and big in the powder, with a 118 waist. The camber and early rise in the nose with a smidgen of rise in the tail makes this baby a blast.


Welcome back, Atomic. These guys have done a complete 180 this year and have one of the most impressive lines for 2009-2010 that I’ve seen.

Introducing the Bentchetler. This ride was designed by Chris Benchetler himself to be one of the most fun rides around. It features Atomic’s new pop-rocker 20, meaning that it has 20mm of rocker in the ski, step down sidewall construction under the foot for extra strength. This baby hits shops soon for $699. Go get a pair.

Next up from Atomic is the Blog. This is a super lightweight ski, has pop-rocker 10 for just enough rocker to let this baby hold its own on the groomers and still be a backcountry freestyle ski that you can drive just about anywhere. Impressive.

Chug was in the booth, throwin’ down some backies while Jordan Judd claims.

Next up is the Coax. Atomic has designed this ski to be a one quiver stick for those of us living in places like Utah or Colorado. At 105 under foot, she’s got the girth for powder however has plenty of camber in her for the groomers and firmer packed snow. Also, this ski has something new called adaptive contact points where the ski, when depressed, creates a tiny bit of lift in the shovel for the nose of the ski to float up a bit. You’ve got to have the ski in your hand to see what I’m talking about, we’ll get some video up for you next week.

The Coax is on the right.


This is the new Liberty Genome, it is a mogul specific ski made for those of us that still like to crush a zipper line of bumps. Ok, kidding. I’m just seeing if any of you are still reading this post. Dialing in at 141 in the waist, this bad-larry loves the powder to be steep and deep. Maybe not the best ski for the Poconos.

Much of Liberty’s line remains unchanged for the upcoming season, however they do have some new designs for their skis. And as a reminder, Liberty is 100% wind powered and uses renewable materials like bamboo in their skis.

The new graphics for the Helix and Double Helix by David Lesh.

Stay tuned to Freeskier.com for continued coverage from the Snowsports Industries of America tradeshow here in Las Vegas! If you excuse me, I’m going to go get myself a lap dance and hit the craps table. Not necessarily in that order. I may need some cheering up after losing all my hard earned money.

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