See 38 pro skiers’ favorite summer ski locations; vote for your own

See 38 pro skiers’ favorite summer ski locations; vote for your own

As we head into the summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere, most of us will put away our ski equipment and saddle up for adventures of a different sort. That doesn’t mean that the skiing itch disappears, however, and luckily there are plenty of spots, both in North America and abroad, where you can get get your shred fix from June through September. We asked a handful of pro skiers, listed below, where their favorite places to ski in the summer were, and compiled the data in a pie chart.

Some, like Nick Goepper, choose Mt. Hood, because, “The terrain parks are awesome and are open most of the summer; you can also get to the coast in two hours to camp, surf and explore.” Inevitably, there was a strong backing for shredding in Whistler, BC during the summer, too. Local-boy Matt Margetts says, “You can ski perfect, hot, slushy parks from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Then, go to the beach, check out hunks, swim, tan, play beach volleyball and drink, if you’re into that. Then you can go out on the town any night of the week to any bar and have a great evening.”

Others, like Michelle Parker, stray away from the summer park scene, preferring the big mountains of places such as Cerro Catedral in Argentina. “It’s an incredible place to spend your summer, shredding in real winter, with big mountains,” she explains.

Check out what the pros have to say in the graph below, and then vote for your favorite summer ski destination in the accompanying poll.

Pro skiers’ favorite summer ski destinations:


[poll id=”72″]

List of pro skiers:

Aaron Blunck
Ahmet Dadali
Andy Parry
Banks Gilberti
Beau-James Wells
Byron Wells
Chris Benchetler
Cody Townsend
Collin Collins
Ian Compton
Ingrid Backstrom
Jacob Wester
James Heim
Joe Schuster
Justin Dorey
Karl Fostvedt
Keri Herman
Khai Krepela
LJ Strenio
Magnus Granér
Matt Margetts
Max Morello
Michelle Parker
Mike Hornbeck
Nick Goepper
Noah Wallace
Parker White
Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
Sandy Boville
Sean Pettit
Shay Lee
Sierra Quitiquit
Sig Tveit
Tatum Monod
Tim McChesney
TJ Schiller
Vincent Gagnier
Wiley Miller

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