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Goddag, Good-day from katelyn olsen in Bozeman montana. I am 19 years old and have enjoyed sking since I was one-or so I am told. My boyfriend works at a local ski shop called PHD Skis and he was the one that told me about this competition.
I have jumped around from skiing to snowboarding and now im a teli-wacker. I live in the snow, and if there is more than 5 inches school takes the back seat(I know we’re spoiled here-and I have to go to school some times)! Since winter around here happens pretty much all year, backcountry trips are easyily found-even in the middle of june. When Im not picking my way through the trees with my skiis or board at the local hill-Bridger Bowl, I can be found on the lake wakeboarding, waterskiing, and yeah, on the mountain.
I just started downhill biking this summer at Big Sky and continue to sport and trad climb as often as i can. I’m game for anything that requires a helmet or a rope. That intense adrenaline rush from falling from a place too high or climbing to the top of something too tall is what keeps my heart beeting-although thats not what doctors tell me. Skiing is more of a lifestyle which throws me into all kinds of new places and pushes me to-or off-new heights. I have lived in bozeman since I was 1 and never had the desire to permanently leave. I plan to study abroad in Chili next year and, of course, ski.
Lange needs a local girl with personality and a new face. Scroll through my pictures and you’ll see a whole lot of ME!! Im spontaneous, intelligent, dedicated, and a good-looking local girl that can provide that NEW FACE!
Pray for snow,

Katelyn Olsen

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