Sarah Burke and Tucker Perkins win WSI Superpipe

Sarah Burke and Tucker Perkins win WSI Superpipe

After two full days of qualifying and semi finals, 20 men and 10 women battled jam style in the Blackcomb pipe today for the WSI superpipe finals.

The sun made a welcome experience as large crowds gathered to watch the finals, but the wind decided to show up, too, creating mid-winter-like conditions. The cold temperatures were happily accepted, however, as speed became a problem of the past.

The women stepped up with a couple tricks you don’t see every day. Brita Sigourney stomped a couple solid flares, and Dania Assaly stomped a ten in the superhit. But in the end, the familiar faces took the top spots, with Virginie Faivre coming in third position, Jess Cumming in second, and, surprise surprise, Sarah Burke in first.

On the men’s side of things, Tucker Perkins set the tone early with huge amplitude and stuck with it. He stomped his tricks all day without bobbling, and was awarded the first place spot. Xavier Bertoni put a run together with tech tricks and good stomps, especially on his first run, which handed him second place. And rounding out the field was Justin Dorey, whose alley oops flats are always an eye pleaser. Mike Riddle, who got to skip qualifying, ended up taking fifth place with a solid run.

After the superpipe, the annual superhit contest went down. Dania Assaly threw some 10s, Sean Pettit went HUGE with a really sick 5, and Tucker Perkins won it with a 5 of his own.

Today is the last day of events up here in Whistler, which sadly means it’s time to head out of this wonderful place. Thanks for tuning in, and see you next year.

World Skiing Invitational Superpipe Finals Results

Women’s Results
1. Sarah Burke
2. Jess Cumming
3. Virginie Faivre
4. Keltie Hansen
5. Megan Gunning

Men’s Results
1. Tucker Perkins
2. Xavier Bertoni
3. Justin Dorey
4. David Wise
5. Mike Riddle

1. Tucker Perkins

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