Q&A: Sammy Carlson on defending his Real Ski title

Q&A: Sammy Carlson on defending his Real Ski title

Last year, Sammy Carlson blew minds in the inaugural Real Ski Backcountry contest, ultimately taking home the top prize. This year, Sammy may have just topped his previous performance, putting out one of the better edits we’ve seen in a long time. Take a look at his entry above, then read what Carlson had to say regarding this year’s crop of entries. To vote for Sammy Carlson, use the hashtags #RealSki and #Carlson on Twitter and Instagram.

What did winning the competition mean to you last year?

It was an honor! I am grateful to be a part of this. It’s really cool to be able to take the time to put together something special that is representative of my vision of the sport. There are basically no rules, just skiing! The only limit is your mind and the 90 seconds.

How has the video contest format made the contest so successful?

I like the video format. The only rule is your video has to be 90 seconds long. At the beginning we all receive an email with basic guidelines explaining what the judges want to see—progressive backcountry skiing. I believe this format enables all riders complete freedom to create a unique 90-second part.

Who were you filming with this season?

This year I shot mainly with Scotty Titterington. We were using snowmobiles and spent a few days touring. We had a lot of buddies helping us out too; big thanks to them for all of the help!

What do you think about the other competitors?

I have a lot of respect for everyone involved. All of us have sessioned together at one point or another. This contest makes it so we’re all a little bit more sneaky with our footage than other times. It’s all fun though, not too competitive at all. Most of us are working in completely different zones, but I see Wiley [Miller], Joe [Schuster] and a few of the boys out in the field from time to time.

Which of your competitors, besides you, do you think stands the best shot at winning?

I think everyone involved killed it this year. I think Wiley Miller and Dane Tudor will be standouts. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else put together. Each rider faces different challenges. One we all share is the weather, and snow conditions always dictate the level of riding to some extent. It is always a challenge to be in the right zone when the conditions are right. This year, we had the whole season to film and I think we are going to see some banger edits from everyone.

What’s the coolest place you filmed for Real Ski this year?

Zipper Creek, [British Columbia] was good!

If you win, what’s your plan for the $25K prize?

I’ll probably go surfing!

Is there a trick you missed that you wished you’d gotten while shooting?

Always. I think that is part of the excitement and is what keeps me coming back year after year. This year though, we had a really banger jump we were sitting on with big intentions. Unfortunately, the avalanche conditions were super high, and didn’t settle down in time for us [to get a shot]. As a crew we decided to walk away. Sometimes you have to know when to call it.

Will winning bolster your chances with the ladies?

[Laughs] What is this, Teen Vogue? That’s not my style. I hope winning would help inspire people to go out and do their thing. I’m trying to represent a lifestyle by pursuing my passions. I’m not trying to use this to meet celebrities with no asses or host an online dating contest. I don’t ski for that type of thing.

Any parting words for the masses?

I would like to thank my fans and all my sponsors—Nike SB, Oakley, Rockstar Energy Drink, Skullcandy, Dakine, Mammoth Mountain, Teton Gravity Research, Marker Bindings and everyone else who helped make this a reality. Enjoy the edit, vote #sammyc4realski.


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