Rossi’s Seven Artistic Sins Skis

Rossi’s Seven Artistic Sins Skis

In case you missed it, we just got back from a release party for Rossi’s new line of twin-tip skis, all of which will live under the Seven Artistic Sins moniker. The skis are named S1-S7, going from less expensive park skis at S1 to the AK-only reverse sidecut big daddy at S7.

Here’s a rough breakdown of what’s in the line:

Art by: Steve Caballero
Style: Reverse sidecut, reverse camber, big mountain, Sage’s ski.
L: 176, 188
D: 145/115/123
Art by: Caia Koopman
Style: Backcoutry booter specialist. Candide’s ski. Killer for big pow tricks and scary lines.
L:174, 186
D: 140/110/133
Art by: Will Barras
Style: All-mountain trick ski. Wide enough for pow, versatile enough to be your only ski. The Kye Peterson special.
L: 171/178, 185
D: 128/98/121
Art by: Squindo
Style: Top end park. What Andreas Hatveit will be rockin.
L: 160, 167, 174, 181
D: 116/84/109
Art by: Andrew Pommier
L: 140, 150, 160, 170, 180
D: 120/90/113
Art by: Mr. Jago
L: 138, 148, 158, 168, 178
D: 110/80/103
Art by: Andy Howell
L: 138, 148, 158, 168
D: 110/80/103

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