On the road with The Deane

On the road with The Deane

Words by KC Deane:

Things have been pretty busy since SIA. I tried to head out to Colorado for a week and a half to get some filming done, and then the plan was to head up to Utah for a Grizzly Gulch session. However upon arriving in Colorado I got a horrible sickness along with half the other people on the trip. I didn’t make it out of bed for more than taking a cold shower to try and get my fever back under 100. After having both Utah and Colorado fall apart due to Jackie Paaso, Dylan Curry, and myself all getting the same disease we made the decision to back to Tahoe.

After resting up for a while the weather took a turn for the better and it finally started to snow in Tahoe. And when it snows, it usually snows feet at a time. After the first break in the storm I went out with photographer and life professional Josh Anderson to go rip a pillow stash that’s tucked away. We also got Scotty Nikkel out to get some footy for DOS. After getting a days worth of pillows we went out the next day on the sleds in search of more lines.

The snow was the deepest I’ve seen all year. After the storm moved on another rolled in right behind it. Bentley and Cameron of DOS came down to put in work in anticipation of the incoming storm and start getting some footy. Once they arrived the storm began and Tahoe got hit, with rain, LOTS of rain. After the storm let up we were left with a mere 3 inches of snow so we decided to make the best of things.

I met up with DOS and none other than Casey Krueger to do some sledding and hopefully get some shots. I got there early and set up a wall ride on an old building which was one of the sickest features I’ve ever done. After sessioning the wall for a while, Krueger and I went to work on a quarter pipe to railing stall to hand rail slide. The wood rail got the best of me more than once

After that the snow hit once again, but the storm caused most of the resorts close due of the large volume of snow. I broke out my new Rev XP and myself, Bentley and Cam went out to slay more pillow lines. We ended up in a zone that one has to see to believe. I skied all day just hitting pillow line after pillow line. With a solid round of shooting in the bag, I set my sights on half dome, and decided to wait the storm out.

Two days later when the snow settled and the skies cleared we got to Donner at 5:30 am ready to hit Half Dome, only to be beat to the top by Andreas Wiig and Jeremy Jones. Less than stoked, we went to Donner Pass and spent the day hitting some lines and drops.

I ended up getting some really good lines and to end the day we built a nice little wedge. Now its on to the PNW to search for more pow with DOS.

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