Ready for Another Season of Salomon Freeski TV?

Ready for Another Season of Salomon Freeski TV?

Mike Douglas and the crew behind Salomon Freeski TV are back at it once more, making this season even bigger and better than last year. Moving up from only ten episodes to twenty, this season’s run has more of the incredible shots you love from some of the craziest destinations around the globe. The Salomon crew even teamed up with ski movie extraordinaires Poor Boyz, MSP, Rage Films, and Ride the Planet to produce only the highest quality shots.

From the very beginning, Freeski TV has paved the way for the future of original online programming in the industry. By producing a web show series like Freeski TV, Salomon created a way to reach the global freeski community rather than just one particular region. Each episode is intended to get people stoked about the sport and give them “an insiders perspective on all the personalities and places” that make freeskiing unique, says Jenny Naftulin of Salomon Sports.

The man behind it all, Mike Douglas, says the most exciting part of doing the show is being able to tell “the stories that happen out on the road, that will never be told in a ski movie format. Ski movies are usually an hour long and there are sixty or more hours of footage that was shot. We’re trying to show some of that stuff that maybe didn’t get seen.” Whether they’re filming in Verbier, Switzerland or Valdez, Alaska; the Freeski TV crew makes sure that each segment recounts untold stories, profiles their exceptional characters, and of course, features some of the industry’s most mind-blowing footage.

However, getting the footage on camera is perhaps the most challenging aspect of producing a series of this kind. With only six months of real winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is almost impossible to get all of the footage needed. Because of this, partnerships are a must. Salomon stresses that the success of Freeski TV could not have been achieved without the help of their amazing partners in crime: Poor Boyz, MSP, Rage, and Ride the Planet.

More than anything, Freeski TV wants to give its audience a real and unbiased approach to the industry. In fact, Mike Douglas revealed that some episodes were cut by the marketing guys at Salomon for being too corporate! Just another reason to tune in every other week for this groundbreaking series!

But it doesn’t stop there. Post your comments about each episode right here on Freeskier.com and let Salomon and Mike D know what you would like to see next season. He says it’s definitely “a work in progress. Nothing ever really stands still in this world.” So, get your voice out there and help make Freeski TV even better than it already is.

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