Q&A Wendsday with TJ Schiller

Q&A Wendsday with TJ Schiller

While most pro skiers can be found ripping around New Zealand or shredding South America this summer, TJ Schiller can be found perusing the aisles of Costco for household appliances. Coming off yet another successful year- 2nd at X Games Big Air, 1st at JOSS, 4th at Euro X Slopestyle – Schiller has taken this summer off in order to recharge his batteries, settle into his new home, reevaluate his skiing goals and have some fun.

Between checking out microwaves and looking for cordless Dustbusters, Mr. Schiller answered some questions about everything from his favorite memory of last season to his recent visit to Sin City.

I understand that you were just in Las Vegas. How was that?

Yea, I went this past weekend. I went for my “mentor” and team manager, Jake Largess’, birthday. I had like 180,000 United points that hadn’t been used so I decided to run down and celebrate with him and some other friends. I took care of him for a change and made sure instead of taking care of me that he had a good time. We even saw Sarah Burke while we were there. It was fun.

Did you come out on top?

Yea, I was up like $400 and then lost it all right before I left (laughs). I thought I’d try to double my winnings real quick, but we all know that doesn’t work.

What’s your game of choice on the casino floor?

Blackjack every time and roulette sometimes. If I play roulette, I just bet red all the time. If I’m feeling really unlucky though sometimes I’ll change it to black.

Sounds like a winning strategy. What else have you been up to? Seems that you’ve opted to stay In North America for the summer. No New Zealand or South America for you?

Well, this was my first summer that I’ve had to myself in six years. After skiing this summer at Whistler, Hood, and Sammy’s event, my body was pretty tired. So Iwanted to give myself a break both mentally and physically from skiing and reevaluate my goals and what I want to accomplish this upcoming season. Plus, I wanted to get my life together here in Vancouver.

I also went to Nelson, B.C. this summer and met up with this guy, Damien, who got me on a really good physical training program that focus on my weaknesses and getting me stronger. I told him my goals for next season and what I wanted to strengthen and he gave me a great program that has me active five days a week and just getting “shredded” (laughs).

But, all this time away from skiing has recently made me loose my mind because all I want to do is ski. It’s been awkward for me to not be skiing. It’s kind of a don’t ski to get good at skiing philosophy.

Premiere season kicks off this weekend (check out the list of world premiers HERE). Are you stoked to see any one movie in particular?

I am super stoked for sure. I want to see Poor Boyz “Revolver” obviously. They always kill it.

But, I also think Level 1 will be awesome. I want to see Bibby’s shots in that really really bad. Also MSP, Field Productions, 4bi9 and all the other films look really good too. Since I haven’t been skiing much lately, I’ve been watching the teasers on the internet and they all look pretty gnarly. I’m hyped to see how they all turn out.

What was your favorite memory of last season?

For sure, hands down, no questions asked, it was doing a Monashee Powder Cat trip with all the Vernon boys like Bibby, Dorey, Schuster, Leboe, Chug, Dueck, Fergie, and Shay Will. It was just awesome to get the Vernon crew together and have the opportunity to go cat skiing over new years and shred pow. It’s always great to shred with your best friends and the people you grew up with. Plus, we hit it perfect and had unreal snow, and it’s hilarious when we get together because we are a bunch of retards (laughs).

It’s cool to know someone with so many accolades still has a good time riding the BC with their friends.

It’s so true. Sometimes it’s hard to beat shredding and hanging out with all your idiot friends.

This past season you signed with Nike 6.0. If you could spend a day with any Nike athlete, who would it be?

P-Rod. I am stoked, too, because next week I get to do that for five days. Nicolas Muller, P-Rod and six other 6.0 athletes including myself are going meet up and hang out. It’s going to be so dope!

We get to sit down and hang out with David de Rothschild who built a boat out of two liter plastic bottles and sailed it from L.A. to Australia, plus other special guest that Nike has lined up. Nike and the guest are basically just gonna inspire us to be better people and challenge us to look at the world and our sports in different ways.

Nike has been an insanely amazing company to work with. They want to build us into better people and athletes all at the same time. I couldn’t be more stoked to be on the Nike program.

What would you do if you weren’t a pro skier and hanging out with P-Rod?

I’d still be skiing for sure. I’m not sure where or how, but I’d work at a bar, a Quizno’s, a Starbucks or even as a ski coach. Whatever allows me to ski the most.

Call it now: If there is halfpipe in the 2014 Olympics, who wins?

Jossi Wells!

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

Oh this is always a tough one.I’d have to say @ bushywayne. He doesn’t tweet that often but when he does it’s always worth checking out. Also, @ therealsonreal, he’s always uploading his new music – which is hype by the way – and promoting cool things.

Any shout-outs?

Of course, to my parents, Fergie Cancade and all my homies in Vernon and Vancouver. Plus all my sponsors.

For more on TJ visit www.tjschiller.com or follow him on Twitter, @tjschiller.

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