Q&A Wednesday with Sammy Carlson

Q&A Wednesday with Sammy Carlson

Coming off yet another successful year that included Dew Tour and X Game podium finishes, Sammy Carlson is preparing for one of his busiest summers yet.

Sammy filled us in on his plans including putting on his own contest, the Sammy Carlson Invitational, an epic fundraising bike ride and training for next season.

What are you up to at the moment?

I am chilling at my house in Hood River and enjoying the nice weather. I have been skiing a bit at Mt. Hood too. Also, TJ just showed up at my house, so I will be riding with him next week. I’m stoked to have him around!

Are you enjoying the summer? Doing any fun activities like skating, slip n sliding or other fun things?

Yes! The weather finally got nice here in Hood River.

I did just get a 1993 stand-up jet ski back up and running and its badass. I’ve been ripping around on that in the evenings and just hanging with friends I didn’t get to see much over the winter.

We understand that you are doing a pretty big bike ride this summer for TACA? How did it all come together? Are you spending lots of time training?

Yeah I will be riding my bike from Oregon to Utah. It is going to be crazy, I am really stoked about it. My friend Scott Rowley and I have teamed up with TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) and our goal is to raise $25,000 to build a center in Oregon where kids and families affected by Autism will be able to go. Every one should check out www.tacah2o.com to donate and for more info. If you are interested in helping Scott and I out that would be awesome, every little bit helps.

We also are hearing a lot about the big air comp you’re putting on, The Sammy C Invitational. What made you want to host/ start a contest?

Yeah I have just been grinding away with it the past few months. I’m so stoked about it though and hope it goes off!

I teamed up with Windells, Timberline, Salomon, Oakley, Nike 6.0, and Rockstar. They are all helping me out a ton to make the Sammy C Invitational possible. Essentially, I am just trying to create a super fun day on the hill by inviting out some of the best skiers in the world to hopefully create one of the most epic sessions to ever take place. I just want to make it as fun as possible for everyone involved.

Also, we are having an open invitation contest the day prior to the event. Anyone who wants can sign up for a chance to win one of 3 open spots. The top 3 people will be able to compete the next day, July 1st, on the jump we have built for SCI. Plus, I am hoping the jump for the event is massive and really safe.

Even if you don’t compete you should put it on your calendar and come check it out July 1st at Mount Hood. It will be a good time whether you are competing or just watching everyone throw down.

Is there anything you are going to be doing for the Sammy C Invitational to set it apart from other contest?

Yes. It’s going to just be a hour long jam session on the sickest jump. It will be just a massive session where we can hopefully push skiing even further. Also, it is going to be in the summer time in Oregon, which is fun.

You’ll be at Windell’s again this sumemer; what do you think about all the ripping groms there these days?

I will be riding Windells a lot this summer. Just working on some new tricks for next season. I will not be coaching but I am always down to give out pointers to the campers. I love watching the Groms ski. They kill it and it gives me tons of energy and plus it makes me smile watching them rip!

We’ve heard rumors of you wanting to do triples? What did you think of Torstein Horgmo’s triple?

I think it is sick! He kills it. Definitely one of the best. Style is recognizable and he has got it!!

Any shout outs or closing words?

Shout out to all my boys, everyone whose down with what I’m doing and thanks to all my sponsors and fans for making it all possible. Oakley, Salomon, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Nike 6.0, Skull Candy, Swix, and Dakine. Also be sure to check out TGR’s new movie Light the Wick, if you want to be enlightened 3D style 🙂

For more info on Sammy’s Bike Tour visit tacah2o.com and learn more about the Sammy C Invitational at sammyc.newschoolers.com

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