Q&A Wednesday with Marty Lempkin- Infomercial Superstar

Q&A Wednesday with Marty Lempkin- Infomercial Superstar

He’s back. Marty Lempkin is at it again. The infomercial superstar has reemerged and seems to be a bit jammed up. However, his success with the Epic pass is helping him get back on track. Check out the exclusive Freeskier interview with the man, the myth, the legend, Marty Lempkin.

You’re Gonna Love It

The Exclusive Marty Lempkin Interview

Marty, how does it feel to be a informercial superstar? 

I’m loving it. Marty Lempkin has always been a superstar celebrity, and now the world knows. It feels real good. The only thing that gets a bit taxing is the constant phone calls from small-time celebrities, like the Kardashians and Lady Gaga. Sometimes people refer to me as being “too famous,” I dont feel like there is such a thing. 

We hear you have a bit of a coffee problem? Do you feel you have a bit of an addiction? 

No comment.

After the release of your 7th book, “You’re Gonna Love It” you got jammed up.  How has getting jammed up effected you? 

You know, anybody can get jammed up, and lots of different types of people are getting jammed up all the time, but I assure you that Marty Lempkin is back out in front.

It’s Epic!

Besides the Epic Pass Infomercial what has been your favorite informercial project to work on? Was it the 87 piece mustache grooming kit infomercial, or another one? 

Of the hundreds of products I have successfully created and marketed, my personal favorites include The Thunderpit Deepfryer™, Wunder Pampers™, Psycho Glue™, The Marty Lempkin Grill™, Onion Buddy™, The Sock Caddy™, and of course my signature 87 Piece Mustache Grooming Kit™. All real good stuff.

How did the Marty Lempkin ‘You’re Gonna Love It’ Book Tour go? 

As is often the case with anything I put my name on, the book tour was an outrageous success.  With the exception of the fire in Albuquerque, the half dozen or so restraining orders and the little issue we had with the Hartford Police department up in CT, everything was a great success.

Marty Loves his Epic Pass

Where did you find your roommate Darryl? 

Believe it or not times were tough for a period of time, Marty had to pick up a roommate on craigslist in order to make ends meet.  He’s a real mellow type of dude, doesn’t say much, keeps to himself.  Real nice kid.

What can we expect from Marty in the near future.  Any more informercials on the way? 

Marty is such a pivotal part of the consumer landscape, having it any other way would only serve to upset people.  You can expect Marty to bring the same intensity as always, if not more…..definitely more.

For more on Marty check out buzz.snow.com and to buy your Epic Pass visit epicpass.com.

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