Q&A Wednesday with Byron Wells

Q&A Wednesday with Byron Wells

Byron Wells traveled around the world this past winter and could be found slaying pipes from Aspen to Tignes, France. Byron is also an overall stand up guy who keeps it real from the park and pipe to the backcountry. As winter starts up in New Zealand the native Kiwi answered a few questions for Freeskier about his past season, sledding, and shredding the guitar.

What are you up to this summer? Where are you at now? 

Well I never really get summer. When it is summer in New Zealand (NZ) I am in the US and when its summer there I am back home in NZ. Right now I am just starting to get back into skiing down here in Wanaka NZ.

What is your favorite thing to do besides ski? Do you have any hidden talents/ super powers we should know about?

I love to play golf and tennis. I just bought a new Guitar too, now all I need to do is learn how to play and unfortunately I do not have any super powers. However, that would be epic.

What is your favorite part/thing about being a kiwi and living in New Zealand? 

Everyone loves Kiwis. No matter where you are in the world people are stoked that you are from NZ.

Who would you say your biggest influences are?

I would have to go with Tanner and Sammy for skiing, and also include Travis Pastrana. He has the mindset that I have always wanted.

What do you think about the state of pipe skiing now and where do you see it going?

Oh man, everyone is stepping it up everyday, I have no idea where it will stop. But I am excited to see where it is at in a couple of years and at the Olympics in 2014

Looking back at last season, what was the biggest highlight?

It would have to be Euro X. I was so stoked to just make finals but coming 5th and beating Jos for the first time was just a little bonus.

Are you stoked on how your part with TGR turned out?

Yeah I was stoked with the shots I saw but can’t wait to see the final product in 3D. Plus seeing some of the shots they got in AK with the boys, wow! The movie is going to be nuts.

I understand you just bought a snowmobile. Have you taken it out yet?

Yeah I bought a 09 Skidoo 800 154 track with my dad and Jos. I took it out the day after we got it and put 25 miles on it before shipping it back here to NZ.

That is awesome, what do you like most about skiing in the backcountry?

I have always loved going out and doing some big mountain. It keeps me real and my overall skiing up to par.

If you had a dream crew to ski/session with, who would it be?

I’d have to say Jos, plus my little homies Beau-James and Jackson. I also love skiing with Tanner and Sammy though, they always make me so stoked to ride.

Any parting words/shout outs? 

Sponsors (Oakley, Atomic, DaKine, Pro-Tec, Cardrona Alpine Resort, Icebreaker, Skullcandy, Scott Poles), Mum and Dad and everyone that helps me out. Holla.

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