Q&A Wednesday with Ben Moxham

Q&A Wednesday with Ben Moxham

Relatively new to the “professional” ski scene, Ben Moxham is making a name for himself with big tricks and some good ol’ fashion hard work. Moxham can be found shredding around Colorado, Utah, Mt. Hood and on the big screen with Poor Boyz Productions. We recently caught up with Mr. Moxham in Mt. Hood where he was sharing his stoke with all the lil’ Windell’s shredders and dreaming of winter.

Benjamin Moxham

Let’s jump right into it. Who would you pick to win in a superhero fight and why? Superman? Batman? Or some other crazy heroic character?

Ahhhh, I don’t know. That is a tough one. I’m a big fan of Batman and all his gadgets, but Superman might have the super strength to overcome anything Batman throws at him. Unless Batman has some Kryptonite laying around in his bat cave. (laughs)

Very true. Speaking of superheroes, give us a little background about who you are?

My name is Ben Moxham, I’m 21 years old and I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. I started skiing when I was 2. I grew up skiing at Bogus Basin and Tamarack Resort.

When I grew up I moved out to Breckenridge, Coloardo where I have been living for the past two years now. I also got the privilege of being invited to a two-week park shoot at Schweitzer Mountain with Poorboyz Productions that year and was featured in “Jib Jam.” Since then I have been getting invited back each year to do their park shoots which I am always stoked on.

I have also hopped on the Windell’s program and have been coming out to Hood the past couple summers coaching, skiing and getting kids hyped. Basically, just enjoying the summer shred!

Moxham getting in on some backcountry action

How has your summer been up in Hood? 

It has been really good this year! I was invited to the Sammy Carlson Invitational, which unfortunately was shut down by bad weather but did lead to three epic days of hitting the jump with all the homies. It was a great time and we also got a chance to witness history go down! (Sammy C stomping a switch triple rodeo 12). After that I’ve been just having a blast skiing with all the homies and getting kids stoked on Windell’s!

You have been littered in the Windells summer camp edits and are just slaying it. Are there any other campers or no namers who have held it down up there this summer that we should watch out for?

Nick Goepper, Lyman Currier and Josh Karcher. These guys have been at camp all summer long and just slaying.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened at Hood this summer? Both on and off snow?

On snow, Sammy’s triple was insane. Also, Spriggs did a double flat out of the pipe onto a jump landing which was crazy.

Off hill would have to be the crazy antics of Austin Hironaka. He hit the dryslope bag jump on a bike, which was ridiculous.

Ben enjoys having a ice cold beverage every once in a while

Any big plans for this winter?

I’ll be competing in the Winter Dew Tour this year and moving out to Utah mid winter to get some more pow filming done. I’m really stoked to move out there.

I have some big plans for next year but I can’t tell you just yet. You’ll have to wait and see!

You are right on the verge of becoming what some people would like to call a big deal. However, you haven’t quite reached Jon Olsson Lamborghini status. How do you stay motivated? 

I just want to keep learning new things and new tricks everyday I’m out on the hill. Listening to good music also keeps me hyped while I’m skiing. Oh, and keeping a positive attitude towards everything on and off the hill is key.

What do you think about the current state of skiing (triples, contests, etc)? More importantly though, where do you see it going?  

I think the current state of skiing right now is insane! This year has been the most progressive year of skiing I think I’ve seen yet. People are learning all kinds of new doubles so fast it’s insane.

The triple I think is sick, just not something we will see on an everyday basis…or at least I hope. I feel there are still a lot of double rotations that haven’t been done yet that still need to be done. That’s where I see the sport going along with crazy urban setups that are improving more and more each year as well!

I am stoked though because I can not wait to see what’s in store for next winter after a season like this!

Just another day at work

What advice would you give all the little rippers out there today who want to make it and be the next mini Moxham’s?

Shred as much as you can. Ski all over the mountain not just park and become a well rounded skier. Also, have fun while your skiing, because if not, you are going to have a bad time (laughs).

Plus, stay positive and focused on your goals. If you do you will achieve them!

Any Shout-Outs? 

My Sponsors Oakley, Dakine, Salomon, and Joystick poles, and most important my family! All my friends that have helped me out along the way to get where I am today. Couldn’t be more stoked and can’t wait to shred some deep pow next winter since summer is almost over! Whew!

Check out Ben in the Windells Summer Camp updates HERE and on the big screen this fall.

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